Yankees Replace Robinson Cano With Carlos Beltran

The Yankees signed Carlos Beltran to a three-year, $45 million deal. Beltran, still willing to cut the Yankees a break, reportedly took $3 million less to sign with New York. In exchange, the Yankees had to budge from the two-year contract they preferred. Who knows if the Yankees are done; according to the Daily News » 12/07/13 11:49am 12/07/13 11:49am

Cardinals Complain About Dodgers' "Mickey Mouse" Celebrations

With the Diamondbacks and Braves gone golfing, who will make sure the game is played the right way? Worry not, the Cardinals are here to bitch about a pair of Dodger celebrations. » 10/15/13 10:18am 10/15/13 10:18am

Carlos Beltran Beats The Dodgers, Takes One Game Lead In NLCS

This is your signature play of the NLCS, if there can be a signature play one game in. It's got everything though, athleticism, grit and the human element. All combined for a fascinating play that resulted in just one crummy out. » 10/12/13 10:54am 10/12/13 10:54am

Win Or Lose, Carlos Beltran Is The King

Carlos Beltran hit the 16th postseason home run of his career yesterday, passing Babe Ruth on the career postseason home run list. If you've watched playoff baseball over the last decade you know all about Beltran's surreal ability to come up big in October, but there probably aren't that many casual fans who blurt… » 10/07/13 6:18pm 10/07/13 6:18pm

Carlos Beltran Shares The Love, Gum

Late last night, a reader pointed us to a Carlos Beltran tweet, the latest in a series of strange tweets from the resurgent Cardinals outfielder. And it was pretty odd: "I hope you have enjoyed chewing gum today." A nice sentiment, to be sure. We at Deadspin certainly hope you have enjoyed chewing gum today, if… » 7/06/12 12:45pm 7/06/12 12:45pm

Carlos Beltrán Does Not Want You Asking Trivia Questions About Him

Cardinals outfield Carlos Beltrán may rank sixth in extra-base hits among active players, but he clearly thinks he's #1 at something—as his use of nonverbals at today's Braves-Cardinals game displayed. (Enjoy the SportSouth crew fumbling to cover for the extended middle finger.) » 5/28/12 4:18pm 5/28/12 4:18pm

Mets Pitcher Jon Niese Got A Nose Job After Carlos Beltran Suggested It…

Remember a few hours ago when we were reliving the embarrassment of the first Mets spring training, glancing over our shoulders, marveling at how far we had come, how professional things are now? » 2/20/12 1:20pm 2/20/12 1:20pm

Teams Bid For Yu Darvish, Carlos Zambrano Climbed Some Mountains, And…

Your roundup of all the hottest hot-stove items of the day (and whatever shit Ken Rosenthal is throwing against the wall.) This is ... HOT FUCKING STOVE!! » 12/15/11 7:10pm 12/15/11 7:10pm

All Too Good, And Not Good Enough: What Carlos Beltran Meant To The Mets

Carlos Beltran was not a New York Met. I don't mean this literally — Beltran's Mets career spanned six and a half seasons, from 2005 until yesterday. He was with the Mets almost exactly as long as Keith Hernandez was, and longer than Reggie Jackson was with the Yankees. » 7/28/11 6:40pm 7/28/11 6:40pm

Mets Manager Just As Dumb As Mets Owners, Carlos Beltran Is His Whore

Any of you know what the hell this means? Backward, defeatist: these are your New York Mets, with their fearless skipper leading the charge. » 5/27/11 11:55am 5/27/11 11:55am

Oh Look, The Mets Are Still Whining About Chase Utley

Listen, Chase Utley's Friday Night Slide into Ruben Tejada (video here) was a little over-the-top; not just because the Mets are as harmful a foe as a bike helmet, but because he went behind the bag at 'em. » 9/26/10 10:00am 9/26/10 10:00am

Steve Nash In: White Of The Living Dead

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 1/14/10 6:30am 1/14/10 6:30am

Carlos Beltran Responds To Cole Hamels' "Choke Artist" Comment

"The only thing that I know is he will be watched every time he faces us. Hopefully we kill him, and then he'll have to deal with the situation." [NYDN] » 2/18/09 12:45pm 2/18/09 12:45pm

Pink Bats, Red Faces; This One's For You, Mom

Here we go, writing about breasts again. Mother's Day was Sunday, and you know what that means: The pink bats were back. And while that's good for the fight against breast cancer, it was bad for the Cincinnati Reds, who just seemed to be horribly disoriented by the unfamiliar flashing colors. I suppose this happens… » 5/12/08 10:00am 5/12/08 10:00am

Everywhere One Looks, It's Beltran

Yesterday, we talked about the 2004 National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and Astros, and how it was the best series we had ever seen. We, stupidly, did not mention the words "Carlos Beltran," which was odd, considering the guy showed up in our nightmares for months afterwards. (That, and a snake… » 10/13/06 10:15am 10/13/06 10:15am