PNC Park's Acoustics Are So Good That You Can Hear A Home Run Hit The Empty Bleachers

In tonight's epic showdown between the Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates, Carlos Lee hit a two-run dinger in the top of the first. What tipster Trey A. pointed out was that "I've never heard a HR hit the outfield bleachers before. But yet again, I've never watched a Pirates game." » 9/07/11 9:30pm 9/07/11 9:30pm

Jon Miller Learns Carlos Lee Trivia The Hard Way

We can't always be on our "A" game every single weekend. (Lord knows I'm hoping that's true.) Sometimes the perfect storm of events jar one's concentration just enough to experience a near meltdown. In my case, the day was June 25, 2007. I had locked my keys in a rental car. But keeping it together during moments of… » 8/11/07 12:50pm 8/11/07 12:50pm

The Closer: Welcome To Carlos Lee's Roundup And Cardinal Barbeque

Notes from a day of baseball:
1. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Hey, where the hell is Steve Bartman when you need him? As much as we hate to point this out, Carlos Lee's leaping catch at the wall in the 10th inning was pretty studly. The grab robbed Juan Encarnacion of a home run that would have won the game for the… » 4/14/06 10:15am 4/14/06 10:15am