Aaron Hernandez's Girlfriend Indicted For Perjury

The Bristol County District Attorney's office announced today that Aaron Hernandez's girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins has been charged with perjury. She's accused of lying to the grand jury that eventually indicted Hernandez for first-degree murder. Citing documents and text messages, investigators believe Jenkins knows… » 9/27/13 2:39pm 9/27/13 2:39pm

Carlos Ortiz's Flip-Flopping Might Make It Harder To Convict Aaron Hernandez

The testimonies of Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace are crucial for the prosecution if it wants an airtight argument that Aaron Hernandez shot and killed Odin Lloyd. So far, Ortiz and Wallace stood by accounts that ended Hernandez pulling the trigger, but now, Ortiz is altering a big detail in his story, and that… » 9/26/13 9:02pm 9/26/13 9:02pm