Because Of Some Alleged Hard Bargaining From The Astros, About 60% Of Houston Can't Watch The Rockets

Is there anything worse than a local baseball franchise that hasn't been competitive in four seasons, telegraphs its plans to stay non-competitive by carrying almost no payroll, and is widely expected to occupy the basement of its new league when they switch over this spring? Yes. A local baseball team that is all… »1/19/13 1:15pm1/19/13 1:15pm

The Rays' Luke Scott And Carlos Peña Ask: Are You Not Entertained?

The bizarre gladiator helmet trend that has taken over the Tampa Bay Rays' dugout continued after yesterday's 8-5 win over the Blue Jays, when sluggers Luke Scott and Carlos Peña donned the headgear for a postgame chat with Sun Sports' Todd Kalas. Afterward the aging population of St. Petersburg rose to their feet… »5/23/12 9:00am5/23/12 9:00am

For Interfering With That Foul Ball The Other Day, Matt Geiger Got Called An Asshole By An Old Woman In A Wheelchair

Former NBA big man Matt Geiger has given a radio interview about the brain fart he had in the eighth inning of Sunday's Twins-Rays game, which we first showed you the other day. Geiger said he got caught up in the moment because he was hoping to get a ball he could give to his 4-year-old son. »4/25/12 12:45pm4/25/12 12:45pm

Former NBA Big Man Matt Geiger Was "Relocated" From Tropicana Field For Interfering With Carlos Peña On A Foul Ball

On a lazy Sunday in April, Matt Geiger—journeyman center for the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers—probably enjoys soaking in the sun and taking in a ballgame. Not necessarily at the same time, though, since he was at The Trop causing a scene and interfering with Carlos Peña on a routine foul pop… »4/22/12 10:19pm4/22/12 10:19pm

Evan Longoria's Not Making a Lot of Amigos at ESPNDeportes

Nice catch by Shysterball »10/13/08 1:45pm10/13/08 1:45pm, about a minor controversy from Evan Longoria's . It stemmed from this question, where Brown pithily asked who on the team should not sport a Rayhawk: So, not exactly a Joe Biden-like gaffe, but apparently it was enough of an unintentional slight to infuriate the Dominican population and…

The Rays Are Still Leading This Thing In August? What?

Carlos Pena was only halfway through explaining his game-winning, three-run homer during an FSN interview on Wednesday when an unidentified teammate doused him with a bucket of Gatorade. Such is the mood in Tampa Bay, where players are giddy, and people are actually beginning to show up for games »8/07/08 11:23am8/07/08 11:23am. Yeah, games. "Even…