Phillies Catcher Carlos Ruiz Tests Positive For Use Of An Amphetamine, Suspended 25 Games [UPDATED]

That's the word out of the MLB office this afternoon, according to a statement issued a few minutes ago. There's no indication what type of banned stimulant Chooch took, or when the test was taken. Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly just reported that it has to be a second positive test to merit a suspension, though there's… »11/27/12 5:00pm11/27/12 5:00pm

Here's Video Of The Time The Philadelphia Union Gave The World Its Daily Soccer Highlight

Carlos Ruiz, the Philadelphia Union's prized free-agent pickup muffed a free kick last night, right in front of the Sons of Ben fan club seating area. Then, it bounced back out to Ruiz's left foot about 25 yards from goal. And then, a young franchise got an early "Goal of the Year" nominee. »5/22/11 2:00pm5/22/11 2:00pm