Serena Williams And Caroline Wozniacki Are Living It Up In Miami

Serena and The Woz are the sports world's newest dynamic duo. The two were in Miami for Game 6 Friday night and after the Heat dispatched with the Pacers, they were hanging with Greg Oden. The Woz then went on to spin some beats in a Miami nightclub. On Saturday, they crashed a wedding on the beach. Who knows what… »6/01/14 11:12am6/01/14 11:12am

Caroline Wozniacki And Rory McIlroy Obnoxiously Remind Us That They Are Nos. 1 And 2 In The World

We should only be so cynical about young love, but young love should only give itself so many insufferable personalized nicknames and offer so many reminders that the young people in question—the Wozz in "Wozzilroy" is 21 years old and the Ilroy is 22—hold the best and second-best world rankings in their respective… »11/07/11 12:55pm11/07/11 12:55pm

Rory McIlroy And Caroline Wozniacki Give Themselves An Insufferable Couple Nickname: Wozzilroy

If you didn't know, now you now: tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golf star Rory McIlroy have been dating for a few months. McIlroy recently made his love official by engraving a golf club with the name "Wozzilroy," which is what they have decided we will call them. We, obviously, have decided to go with McIliacki,… »9/27/11 6:30pm9/27/11 6:30pm

Tastes Like Sugarpova: Deadspin's 2011 U.S. Open Preview

For two weeks every year, hardened New Yorkers become prissy tennis fans, and Queens—not the Bronx—becomes the sports capital of the Big Apple. You could argue that the U.S. Open is, perennially, the biggest sporting event in New York, with the possible exceptions of the '94 Rangers-Knicks run and 2000 Subway Series.… »8/26/11 4:50pm8/26/11 4:50pm

Ah, The Old "Cell-Phone-Goes-Off-When-You're-About-To-Lose" Trick

At the Swedish Open yesterday, Caroline Wozniacki was serving for match point against Alizé KCornet when a cell phone started to ring. In tennis — and especially just prior to a serve for the match in tennis — the cell phone interruption is just about on par with calling the president of the United States a dick on… »7/06/11 6:10pm7/06/11 6:10pm