I Want To Know Everything About Carson Palmer's Friends Pup, Phil and Sugar Cane

Andre Ellington’s fourth quarter touchdown against Seattle on Sunday sent Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer into a tizzy, pumping his fist and telling the Seahawks crowd to suck it. But after coming in for criticism and with a possible fine looming on the horizon, Palmer says his exulting was directed towards friends… »11/19/15 9:46pm11/19/15 9:46pm

Drew Stanton Danced And Carson Palmer Told The Crowd To Suck It

While a new piece of Peyton Manning falls onto the field every week, another aging quarterback with an injury history is having his Kurt Warner period. Carson Palmer didn’t have the cleanest game Sunday against the Seahawks—with two of his three turnovers resulting in touchdowns—but he did come away with the win, and… »11/16/15 1:55pm11/16/15 1:55pm

The Raiders Plan To Use Terrelle Pryor Substantially On Sunday, Because Fuck It, Why Not?

So the 4-10 Raiders, with their expensive veteran quarterback and whiz-kid coach, aren't making the playoffs. At least they're trying something new now. Per Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, offensive coordinator Greg Knapp plans to deploy third-string quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Sunday in third-down and red… »12/20/12 6:05pm12/20/12 6:05pm

Tampa Bay Rookie Doug Martin Just Put In One Of The Best Rushing Performances Of All Time

His four touchdowns sets a Tampa Bay Bucs franchise record, his 250 yards made him tied for number ten on the all-time single game rushing yards list, his three touchdown runs for 45 yards or more-he went for 70, 63 and 45-made him the first ever to accomplish that feat in a game. And the runs were, as you might… »11/04/12 7:58pm11/04/12 7:58pm

ESPN's Adam Schefter Traded Carson Palmer To The Raiders, Or Something (UPDATED)

So it appears the Bengals have finally traded Carson Palmer, sending him to the Raiders for a pair of first-round draft picks. That news was surprising enough. But then something else popped up from the clogged Twitter feeds announcing the deal: That ESPN's Adam Schefter knew about the trade last night but chose not… »10/18/11 12:45pm10/18/11 12:45pm

Carson Palmer Prefers Tailgating At USC Games To Losing More Games With The Bengals

As noted by Larry Brown Sports, it's tough to tell whether that's a can of Tecate or a Coke in Carson Palmer's right hand outside Saturday's Syracuse-USC game. Not that it matters. Palmer had warned the Bengals he'd retire if they refused his trade demand, and the Bengals chose to move on rather than give in. Doesn't… »9/20/11 2:25pm9/20/11 2:25pm

Even The Chili Is Considering Cutting Ties With The Bengals

"Gold Star Chili seems to be questioning their sponsorship as the 'Official Chili of the Cincinnati Bengals' ... In the 5 question survey, which you can take here, Gold Star cites some pretty convincing evidence that would lead one to beleive [sic] that the company's major sponsorship of the Bengals is likely not… »7/29/11 3:03pm7/29/11 3:03pm