Cary Williams Is Not Happy About How Much The Eagles Are Practicing

The Philadelphia Eagles gutted out a tough win over Washington today, coming back from an early 10-point deficit and surviving a few rallies. With the Eagles now 3-0, one would assume that everyone was in a good mood in the locker room after the game. Wrong! Cornerback Cary Williams was not a happy camper. » 9/21/14 7:26pm 9/21/14 7:26pm

Riley Cooper And Cary Williams Got Into A Fight At Eagles Practice

And several teammates had to step in and break it up—including Michael Vick, as you can see in the photo above, which was tweeted out by Philadelphia Daily News photographer David Maialetti. » 9/05/13 12:15pm 9/05/13 12:15pm

Cary Williams Shoved An Official And Got Away With It

In Major League Baseball making contact with an ump will get you a suspension. The same goes for NBA players who dare touch a ref (just ask Rajon Rondo). In the NFL, though—at least in the Super Bowl—shoving a ref won't even earn you a penalty. Here's Ravens defensive back Cary Williams doing just that. » 2/03/13 7:37pm 2/03/13 7:37pm