Cary Williams Is Not Happy About How Much The Eagles Are Practicing

The Philadelphia Eagles gutted out a tough win over Washington today, coming back from an early 10-point deficit and surviving a few rallies. With the Eagles now 3-0, one would assume that everyone was in a good mood in the locker room after the game. Wrong! Cornerback Cary Williams was not a happy camper. » 9/21/14 7:26pm 9/21/14 7:26pm

Cary Williams Shoved An Official And Got Away With It

In Major League Baseball making contact with an ump will get you a suspension. The same goes for NBA players who dare touch a ref (just ask Rajon Rondo). In the NFL, though—at least in the Super Bowl—shoving a ref won't even earn you a penalty. Here's Ravens defensive back Cary Williams doing just that. » 2/03/13 7:37pm 2/03/13 7:37pm