Casino Fails To Shuffle Cards, Sues Gamblers Who Won $1.5 Million

A group of 14 people were huddled around a mini baccarat table at Atlantic City's Golden Nugget casino in August, when something strange started to happen. The same sequence of cards was dealt twice—then a third time, and a fourth, and so on. Gamblers aren't dumb: they upped their bets from the minimum $10, and kept… »8/20/12 3:30pm8/20/12 3:30pm

When Mays And Mantle Were Banned From Baseball: Putting A-Rod's Gambling "Problem" In Context

As Alex Rodriguez stays in the headlines because he's Alex Rodriguez (even though he wasn't actually at the high-stakes poker game mentioned in the tabloids since he was playing in the World Series at the time), the real story is the re-emergence of baseball's complicated relationship with gambling. But if MLB were to… »8/05/11 2:45pm8/05/11 2:45pm