NBA Players Are Coming To Get Their Money Back In 2017

The NBA's bonkers new TV deal means there is going to be more money flowing into the league than ever before, and everyone is already thinking about 2017, when the players or owners can opt out of the current CBA and re-negotiate how all that revenue is going to be divided up. Based on comments from a few high-profile… »10/07/14 3:29pm10/07/14 3:29pm

The Chinese Slam Dunk Contest Was A Pit Of Sadness

The CBA held its all-star game in Guangzhou last night, and like in past years, it was kind of a mess. (The festivities took place between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs, so anyone who took part had either mentally checked out for the year or had much more important basketball on their… »2/25/13 11:45am2/25/13 11:45am

Tracy McGrady Threatens To Leave China, Gets Suspended For Calling Refs "Three Blind Mice"

Why is Tracy McGrady still just 33 years old, when he should totally be in his late 40s? The second act of T-Mac's career is taking place in China, where last we heard, he was getting into fights and getting diarrhea and just generally not having a good time. Wednesday's game, where McGrady's Qingdao Double Star… »1/10/13 2:20pm1/10/13 2:20pm

Throwing Elbows, Getting Diarrhea, And Losing Eight Straight: Tracy McGrady Is Not Enjoying China

Here is a picture of Tracy McGrady from Alexander Chernykh, who helpfully adds the context that Tracy McGrady's Chinese team—the Qingdao Double Star Eagles—are 0-8, and fired their coach two games into the season. Though McGrady suggested, in an exclusive interview with ESPN's chief Dancing With The Stars… »12/12/12 6:30pm12/12/12 6:30pm

Here's Tracy McGrady Blatantly And Maliciously Elbowing The Crap Out Of A Chinese League Basketball Player

Tracy McGrady's squad, the Qingdao Eagles (AKA the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles), was down big in what we think was probably the fourth quarter of this CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) game. A player on the other team hits a three to push the deficit to 22 and then does approximately what we would do if we hit a… »12/09/12 12:35pm12/09/12 12:35pm

J.R. Smith's Chinese Team Says He Skipped Nearly Every Single Practice

J.R. Smith couldn't get out of his CBA contract when the NBA lockout ended, but he sure as hell could make life as miserable as possible for his employers. Smith's sister sparked a pair of brawls with opposing fans (Stephanie Smith said of the second fight that she didn't start it "this time.") And according to the… »6/22/12 10:25am6/22/12 10:25am