How Jingoistic Was NBC's, CBC's, BBC's Olympics Coverage On Thursday?

On Wednesday, our Jingometer started tracking how often NBC was mentioning the U.S./USA/America/Americans/United States, and found that, at peak coverage, over 40 percent of the network's participant mentions were for the Land of the Free. But this number doesn't mean much in a vacuum. How does NBC's coverage compare… »2/14/14 3:20pm2/14/14 3:20pm

This Leafs-Habs Montage Will Almost Make You Care About Hockey

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens have played one another 790 times since 1917, the oldest rivalry in the NHL and one of the most prolific. Between them they've won 37 Stanley Cups (including six against one another) and represent the largest fan bases of Anglophone and Francophone Canada. That's a lot of… »12/04/13 7:31pm12/04/13 7:31pm

A Delightfully Catty Press Release, As The NHL Lockout Sets Canadian Networks Sparring Over Who Owns The Words "In Canada"

Without the NHL, Canada's broadcasters are scrambling. The CBC, which airs Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday evenings, has a massive programming block to fill. As the lockout drags on, their solution is apparently: old hockey. The CBC is having fans vote on classic games, with those games to air in the usual time… »10/12/12 11:55am10/12/12 11:55am

Don Cherry Picks The Kings To Win The Cup Because They Have Fewer European Players

Last year, an academic study tapped Don Cherry as the new face of Canadian Nationalism. The world recoiled in horror, not least of all Canadians themselves. (I know. I asked them all.) But Grapes's geographical jingoism is something you kind of have to tune out, because at least it doesn't affect his hockey analysis.… »5/31/12 10:45am5/31/12 10:45am

Here's The Canadiens' Gary Carter Tribute That Didn't Air In The United States

For reasons that baffle the mind, NBC Sports Network elected not to show you this touching tribute to Gary Carter that preceded tonight's Devils-Canadiens game in Montreal. Carter—one of Montreal's true sports legends—was given a hero's au revoir that deserves to be seen by a wider audience, so here it is. [CBC] »2/19/12 7:06pm2/19/12 7:06pm

Don Cherry's Piano Desk Will Make All Analysts Self-Conscious About Their Gesticulations

A lot of television personalities talk with their hands and bang their fingers on the well-lit lucite before them. It's the larynx-friendly method of conveying outrage. They think no one is watching, but they are wrong—as evidenced by this clever YouTube user's "Don Cherry's Piano Desk." You have been put on notice,… »12/27/11 4:18pm12/27/11 4:18pm