Dana Jacobson Delivers Entire Report While Holding Live Seahawk Mascot

We became familiar with Taima earlier this year when she decided to go hang out with some fans. Today the Seahawks' live bird mascot "helped" CBS Sports reporter Dana Jacobson while she delivered a four-minute live shot from CenturyLink Field. The bird very early on tried to escape, but a handler restored the hawk… »1/18/15 1:17pm1/18/15 1:17pm


CBS Instructed Pregame Broadcasters To Avoid Calling Anyone Out

CBS had already made some changes for its inaugural Thursday night football broadcast in the wake of the Ray Rice mess, axing a musical "high-energy" intro featuring Rihanna and cutting a "comedic segment." SportsBusiness Daily reports that things went even further, with CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus instructing… »9/12/14 3:39pm9/12/14 3:39pm

Ex-ESPNer David Berson Is The Clear Successor To Take Over CBS Sports

David Berson is the new president of CBS Sports, a jump up from his previous role overseeing the difficult-to-remember-it-exists CBS Sports Network. Sean McManus will remain chairman of CBS Sports, but I've been told that his job will become increasingly figurehead-ish and Berson is going to take over a lot of his… »6/04/13 2:30pm6/04/13 2:30pm

Jim Nantz Nearly Jumped Into The Stands During The Super Bowl Blackout

CBS got hammered for its dreadful coverage during the Super Bowl blackout, and Jim Nantz is finally ready to talk about it. When the lights went out, the announcer says, he called his producer and offered to jump into the stands from the broadcast booth and race down to the field to offer aid to struggling sideline… »4/22/13 5:10pm4/22/13 5:10pm

Brandon McCarthy Tells Columnist Not To Call Him A "Grinder," Columnist Misses Point

The Arizona Diamondbacks spent the offseason transforming into baseball's most complete collection of gritty players who really know how to get out there and scrap and grind and chop it up. Seriously, the 40-man roster is littered with little white guys who have spent their careers giving crusty sportswriters the… »3/07/13 2:10pm3/07/13 2:10pm

Report: Cam Newton Was A Dick To Some People 10 Months Ago

Remember the Pro Bowl? Of course you don't! But CBS's Pete Prisco does, and he remembers Cam Newton being the only one of six quarterback in the game to actually face a pass rush. So now, after nearly a year of dogged reporting, Prisco's gotten down the bottom of things. It seems Cam Newton was mean to other players… »12/05/12 5:30pm12/05/12 5:30pm

CBS Fantasy Football Analysts Have A Few Thoughts On The Death Of Jovan Belcher

In times of great sorrow, the best comfort can be to return to the things we love most in life, like coldly judging football players based on their statistical contributions alone. CBS Sports didn't just shoehorn its obituary into a square-inch box next to Belcher's stats—they managed to find some room for fantasy… »12/01/12 2:25pm12/01/12 2:25pm

Keeping An Eye On CBS's Eye On Sports Stories About Eye Injuries

We haven't exactly lived up to the return challenge to never post anything regarding "death" or "spin" since we pointed out Eye On Baseball's story on Luis Salazar's lost left eye a few weeks ago, but we do feel it is our new duty to keep an eye on the CBS sports blogs' eye injury stories. Today: Manny Malhotra,… »3/29/11 5:45pm3/29/11 5:45pm

CBS Runs A Misguided "Eye On Baseball" Story About Luis Salazar's Lost Left Eye

Luis Salazar, the single-A manager for the Atlanta Braves who was struck by a foul ball and airlifted from the field a week ago, lost his left eye in surgery after the injury. And instead of running this story on the CBS Sports main page, which tactfully does not include the word "eye" in large capital letters, CBS… »3/16/11 1:40pm3/16/11 1:40pm