The Amazing Ray Ratto Mug Shift

Who says we don't have clout? Following our blistering indictment of Ray Ratto's new CBS Sportsline column mug yesterday, the site changed it. Ratto's face is now partly visible, where in the first one you could only see his eyes and the top of his head. They still have a way to go, obviously, but this is progress. If… » 11/10/05 3:15pm 11/10/05 3:15pm

Ray Ratto's Weird Mug

San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist Ray Ratto is a talented writer — he'll never appear in our feature Why Your Hometown Columnist Sucks, for instance. (We're pretty sure. Unless he does). A former contributor to, he recently shifted over to CBS Sportsline. But with that move came the trip to the photo… » 11/09/05 9:52am 11/09/05 9:52am

CBS Sportsline's "Spin" 45 Percent Less Dope

We are very sad to report that CBS Sportsline's Spin page — which is like ESPN's Page 2 if Page 2 were visited by Poochie from "The Itchy And Scratchy Show" — has is no longer referring to fantasy football columnist Eric Mack as "Emack." The front page of the site is using his real name now, tragically. » 10/24/05 1:15pm 10/24/05 1:15pm

Yo, CBS Sportsline Is Rad, Dude!

We know we make fun of ESPN's Page 2 a lot, and if you've ever tried to make it through five sentences of "24 College Avenue," you'll understand why. But when we thought that's Scorecard Daily was the worst Page 2 ripoff that could exist, we were way, way wrong. » 10/06/05 3:32pm 10/06/05 3:32pm