Tonight's South Park Featured Tom Brady And Peyton Manning In Taking On…

On the night we learned replacement officials are finally getting the heave-ho, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent up Monday night's disgrace in Seattle alongside the brain injury debate in an NFL-themed South Park that also featured Tom Brady drinking semen and a mockery of Cee-Lo's shitty new NFL Network theme. » 9/26/12 11:36pm 9/26/12 11:36pm

What The Hell Is Cee-Lo Wearing?

No, the Super Bowl isn't an occasion for formal dress. But Sean and I have debated whether these Adidas slip-ons are shower shoes or something more officially sandal-like. If NBC's going to try and make this an "event" with a red carpet and's just an odd choice of footwear. Then again, given his $10,000… » 2/05/12 4:55pm 2/05/12 4:55pm