Alleged Rapist Bill Cosby Bullies Reporter, Explains How Life Works

The problem with most conspiracy theories about how the media works is that they assume power exerts itself overtly. The truth is that it doesn't have to. Journalists are rarely told by powerful or influential people not to cover certain stories; they usually simply decline to cover them out of a variety of motives,… »11/20/14 10:46am11/20/14 10:46am


Cuba Gooding Jr. Invites Linda Cohn To Rock Out With Her Cock Out

Cuba Gooding Jr. appeared on SportsCenter today to promote his new film Red Tails (which, as far as we can tell, is fully unrelated to sports) and performed some awkward impersonations, including one of Allen Iverson which ended in an aborted-too-late "rock out with your cock out!" We're pretty sure that's an… »1/19/12 1:30pm1/19/12 1:30pm