Tyler Seguin Has A Foolproof Method For Dealing With The Ladies

The Bruins' Tyler Seguin is playing for Swiss team EHC Biel, and he's young, handsome, rich, and single. (Also, possibly a dick to women—we don't know the backstory.) When moving to a new place, it can be tough to keep track of all your new friends. So Seguin made sure to list one in his address book as "Don't Text… »11/19/12 5:05pm11/19/12 5:05pm

Some Poor Bastard's Cell Phone Went Off During John Tortorella's Press Conference, And Torts Was Not Happy

John Tortorella's press conferences are the stuff of legend: tense, terse legend. At least from the media side, they're more amusing than hostile. But there's going to come a day when the Rangers aren't winning, and the scribes are going to refer to their mental tally of all the times Torts bullied or humiliated… »5/15/12 10:10am5/15/12 10:10am

Ah, The Old "Cell-Phone-Goes-Off-When-You're-About-To-Lose" Trick

At the Swedish Open yesterday, Caroline Wozniacki was serving for match point against Alizé KCornet when a cell phone started to ring. In tennis — and especially just prior to a serve for the match in tennis — the cell phone interruption is just about on par with calling the president of the United States a dick on… »7/06/11 6:10pm7/06/11 6:10pm