Tyler Seguin Has A Foolproof Method For Dealing With The Ladies

The Bruins' Tyler Seguin is playing for Swiss team EHC Biel, and he's young, handsome, rich, and single. (Also, possibly a dick to women—we don't know the backstory.) When moving to a new place, it can be tough to keep track of all your new friends. So Seguin made sure to list one in his address book as "Don't Text… » 11/19/12 5:05pm 11/19/12 5:05pm

Did Ray Allen Change His Phone Number Or Just Dodge The Celtics' Calls?

Maybe you missed this because you were following any of the 300 more important NBA storylines, but the ballad of Ray Allen's cell phone has been one of the dumber and more fascinating subplots of the early NBA season. Let's recap. » 11/06/12 9:50am 11/06/12 9:50am

Some Poor Bastard's Cell Phone Went Off During John Tortorella's Press…

John Tortorella's press conferences are the stuff of legend: tense, terse legend. At least from the media side, they're more amusing than hostile. But there's going to come a day when the Rangers aren't winning, and the scribes are going to refer to their mental tally of all the times Torts bullied or humiliated… » 5/15/12 10:10am 5/15/12 10:10am

Ah, The Old "Cell-Phone-Goes-Off-When-You're-About-To-Lose" Trick

At the Swedish Open yesterday, Caroline Wozniacki was serving for match point against Alizé KCornet when a cell phone started to ring. In tennis — and especially just prior to a serve for the match in tennis — the cell phone interruption is just about on par with calling the president of the United States a dick on… » 7/06/11 6:10pm 7/06/11 6:10pm

Why Is Danny Ainge Dicking Around On His Phone When He Should Be…

Last Wednesday, UConn and Kentucky faced off in the Maui Invitational Final. Kemba Walker had blown the tournament up in the previous games and saw his NBA Draft stock rising, so why was Celtics GM Danny Ainge so bored with the proceedings? » 11/30/10 1:45pm 11/30/10 1:45pm

Yankee Fan On Cellphone Catches Ground Rule Double With His Face

Ever get stuck next to the guy in your section who won't get off his cellphone? Well, this video is for you. If you're the one calling, hang up and pay attention....unless you want a Rawlings to the face. » 6/30/10 1:15am 6/30/10 1:15am