I Am Fascinated By This Soccer Fan Who May Or May Not Be A Zombie

The photo above—first flagged by Cork Gaines on Twitter—was taken on May 21, 2003, before Celtic took on FC Porto in a UEFA Cup match in Seville, Spain. My first reaction to this photo went like this: "Wait, I think that purple-faced guy might be dead." Then I went looking for more photos of this dude possibly being… »10/22/14 1:06pm10/22/14 1:06pm

Celtic Advance In Champions League On Late Goal, Avenge Murdered Sheep

Scottish soccer club Celtic were home to Kazakh side Shakhter Karagandy today in the second leg of the Champions League playoff round. After sacrificing a sheep, Shakhter beat Celtic 2-0 last week, and were the favorites to make it to the Champions League group stage. To advance on aggregate, Celtic would probably… »8/28/13 5:42pm8/28/13 5:42pm

Scottish Soccer Player Admits To Booze-And-Hooker-Fueled Bender

It was about a month ago when Paul Slane, once a rising star in the Scottish Premier League and a member of Celtic, tweeted out some salacious photos of himself getting, uh, "friendly" with two women (NSFW picture after the jump). This came shortly after Slane suffered a series of debilitating injuries and was was… »4/24/13 12:25pm4/24/13 12:25pm

Barcelona Scores With 45 Seconds Left In Stoppage Time To Seize Victory Over Celtic

Barcelona avoided a home draw against Celtic when Jordi Alba tucked in a curl from Adriano in the closing seconds and claimed a 2-1 win over the Scottish side in Champions League action. Celtic actually held a 1-0 lead for much of the first half, albeit against the run of play as the heavily-favored Barcelona club… »10/23/12 4:48pm10/23/12 4:48pm

There Was A Perfectly Placed Own Goal In Celtic's Europa League Match Today

"Around the half-hour a long punt by the home goalkeeper, Benoît Costil, was making its way harmlessly through to Fraser Forster in Celtic's goal but Cha Du-ri helped it on then watched in horror as the ball slipped past his goalkeeper and into the net. The South Korean was playing in midfield and back as the last… »10/20/11 9:45pm10/20/11 9:45pm