You Like Sex and Football. So Do We

Nearly 1,800 Deadspin readers have shared their feedback with us via the 2010 Gawker Media Census. 83% of those who responded are having regular sex (improvement over last year!) but when they're not boning, 94% are watching football. Flabbergasting. Join the party—click through to submit your Census! » 5/04/10 2:59pm 5/04/10 2:59pm

Horndogs! Take the Gawker Media Census 2010

Last Census go-around, we found that 78% of Deadspin readers have sex regularly (congrats) and 39% fly for pleasure only, leaving us to deduce that a decent portion of you are Mile High Club members. Surely you've got 10 minutes before your flight leaves to share your media predilections. » 4/27/10 2:59pm 4/27/10 2:59pm