Central Michigan Basketball Player Nearly Crushed By Collapsing Hoop

Northern Illinois center Pete Rakocevic threw down a dunk during Saturday night's game, and as Central Michigan forward John Simons went to inbound the ball, everyone realized that the hoop was slowly collapsing. Simons was quick enough to get out of the way, but that was frighteningly close. » 3/01/15 4:04pm 3/01/15 4:04pm

75-Yard Miracle Play Ruined By Failed Two-Point Conversion

This is perhaps the greatest college football play any of us have ever seen, and it was all for naught as Central Michigan went for two, and a 36-point comeback, and failed. CMU was down 49-14 at one point, and this play left the final 49-48—again, because they went for the win and didn't get it. » 12/24/14 3:47pm 12/24/14 3:47pm

Central Michigan Came From Behind To Beat Iowa By Scoring Twice In The Final 50 Seconds

The Central Michigan Chippewas—they of the 41-7 home loss to Michigan State—went on the road to take on another Big Ten foe today, stealing a miracle win in Iowa City by scoring a touchdown and field goal in the final minute after the Hawkeyes took a late lead of their own. » 9/22/12 4:34pm 9/22/12 4:34pm

Wednesday Night Live Blog: #17 Ball State at Central Michigan

Ahhh. Mid-American Conference football. You were born a fan, it's just that nobody told you until tonight. The undefeated Ball State Cardinals flutter into Mount Pleasant to tangle with some fired up Chips. Winner probably wins the MAC West Division, a fact which you already knew. Also something you knew: if you build… » 11/19/08 6:55pm 11/19/08 6:55pm