Sources: ESPN Really Has No Way To Tell Who Changed Draft Rankings

After Sunday's announcement from ESPN that the network remains unsure who modified Chad Ford's NBA pre-draft rankings years after the fact, we immediately asked, "How is that possible?" Nearly every known content management system tracks changes, and we're told ESPN's usual process is especially well-monitored, with… » 1/27/15 9:30am 1/27/15 9:30am

Chad Ford Says He Didn't Edit His Draft Rankings, & ESPN Believes Him

ESPN NBA analyst Chad Ford says he's innocent of charges he brazenly edited his pre-draft rankings years after the fact, and while the network acknowledges the edits happened, it is absolving Ford of responsibility—for now: » 1/25/15 10:44pm 1/25/15 10:44pm

Update: ESPN Quietly Deletes Chad Ford's Retroactive Edits

Hours after the revelation that ESPN insider Chad Ford's NBA prospect rankings had been edited years after the drafts they purported to reflect, ESPN's draft rankings pages have been reverted to their original versions. » 1/25/15 9:19am 1/25/15 9:19am

ESPN's Chad Ford Has Been Retroactively Editing Draft Boards For Years

This website has been using ESPN NBA analyst Chad Ford as a punching bag for nearly ten years. And we don't feel a bit sorry for it after discovering tonight (upon unearthing by those Reddit rapscallions) that Ford has been retroactively re-ranking his NBA draft boards years after the fact. » 1/24/15 11:45pm 1/24/15 11:45pm

The Pacers' Paul George Has Gradually Exploded All At Once

After two games in Miami, it's no longer assured that the Heat — reigning champs, winners of 27 straight in the regular season, top seed in the Eastern Conference, proud owners of fans like these — are going to dispatch the Indiana Pacers quickly, or for that matter, at all. The series is tied at a game apiece, and… » 5/25/13 7:46pm 5/25/13 7:46pm

"A Neat Kid": Your Passive-Aggressive 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Roundup

The NBA draft is getting underway now, which means that it is time for our annual roundup of faint praise, backhanded compliments, and snickering passive-aggression directed at the gifted players about to become honest professionals. Players are listed in the order of Chad Ford's latest mock draft. » 6/28/12 7:28pm 6/28/12 7:28pm

"He's Got A Great Personality": Your Passive-Aggressive 2011 NBA Draft…

The NBA playoffs are over; the NBA Draft is here. Time to stop watching Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Chris Paul, and to start dreaming about the future—a future in which, honestly, none of this year's prospects have much hope of being better than the league's existing… » 6/22/11 2:04pm 6/22/11 2:04pm

Darko's Mood: Traded

We're still waiting on our friends at Free Darko to chime in, but ESPN has the story: The enigma, the monster, the wooly mammoth, the reckoning that is Darko Milicic is close to being traded, along with Carlos Arroyo, to the Orlando Magic for a first round pick and Kelvin Cato. (And who wouldn't make that same deal… » 2/15/06 11:15am 2/15/06 11:15am

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Noon. NBA with Chad Ford: We had no idea BYU had a Hawaii campus, or that conflict resolution was a legitimate major. Any other wild claims, "Dr." Ford?
4 p.m. Boxer Jeff Lacy: There's a guy we'd like roughed up a little who happens to be in a… » 10/27/05 12:00pm 10/27/05 12:00pm

Chad Ford Puts It On The Line

Now, we're not casting aspersions here, we're just asking, so don't get mad. But. This whole ordeal with Larry Brown leaving the Pistons and heading to the Cavaliers has everyone's hands in the air, shocked, appalled, stunned. Any goodwill Larry Brown built up is gone; even SI's Gary Smith can't defend him anymore. » 5/31/05 2:24pm 5/31/05 2:24pm