Chad Greenway Wants Vikings Fans To Get "Super-Duper Drunk" This Sunday

The surprising Minnesota Vikings are 6-6 right now and still in the hunt for a playoff spot in the NFC. Their make-or-break game is this weekend against the Bears at the MetroDome, and linebacker Chad Greenway wants fans to show their support by getting shithoused at the game. » 12/06/12 2:30pm 12/06/12 2:30pm

The Vikings Picked. Hey, They Don't Always.

It's nice to see that the Vikings were able to make time to pick this year. Things can get awfully busy this time of year. The Vikings have a lot of needs, but sexual deviant isn't one of them. There, they appear to be stocked. Let's hope they take someone who likes sailing. » 4/29/06 3:59pm 4/29/06 3:59pm