Last Night Reminded The World That Blaine Gabbert Is Hopeless And Chad Henne Isn't

We wondered in September why the Jaguars had refused to bench Blaine Gabbert (pictured above, on his ass)—their woeful second-year quarterback—in favor of Chad Henne, their slightly below-average (serviceable!) young veteran backup. Since then, Gabbert's play has, uh, I guess we could say picked up: he now ranks 29th… »11/09/12 2:05pm11/09/12 2:05pm

Chad Henne And Brandon Marshall Kind Of Almost Don't Hate Each Other Anymore

Last year, the Dolphins' star receiver, Brandon Marshall, and quarterback Chad Henne were rarely on the same page. The team didn't play well; Marshall didn't catch touchdowns. Marshall even went as far as to tell a radio interviewer that Tyler Thigpen "gets it" more than Henne does. (In case you were wondering, he was… »8/21/11 5:15pm8/21/11 5:15pm