Chad Pennington Bucks Tradition And Injures His Leg Instead Of His Arm

Two-time Comeback Player of the Year and current free agent Chad Pennington went and did something wholly original this week: he injured his leg instead of injuring his arm. To be exact, Pennington tore his ACL while playing in a pickup basketball game. Add this to his 2003 fractured hand, his 2005 torn rotator cuff,… »3/31/11 5:15pm3/31/11 5:15pm

Consider Us Your Source For Round-The-Clock Chad Pennington News

From the be-careful-what-you-wish-for department (it's right next to children's wear): The closure of the Brett Favre saga has opened the door for a piping hot helping of fresh quarterback speculation, starring Chad Pennington! This may shock those of you who thought that, after his release from the Jets earlier… »8/08/08 4:20pm8/08/08 4:20pm