Chamique Holdsclaw Indicted Following Shooting Incident With Ex-Girlfriend

Back in November, former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw was involved in an incident with ex-girlfriend and former teammate Jennifer Lacy. Holdsclaw allegedly smashed the window of Lacy's car with a baseball bat, then proceeded to stick a gun in the window and fire a shot through the car while Lacy was still in it. »2/27/13 4:55pm2/27/13 4:55pm


Police Are Looking For Chamique Holdsclaw, Who Allegedly Smashed Her Ex-Girlfriend's SUV With A Baseball Bat And Then Shot At It

Atlanta police are seeking the arrest of six-time WNBA all-star and two-time Naismith Award-winner Chamique Holdsclaw, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Holdsclaw allegedly used a baseball bat to smash the windows of a Range Rover belonging to an ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Lacy, of the Tulsa Shock, pictured at… »11/15/12 5:08pm11/15/12 5:08pm