Mizzou's Cheering Section Gets Kicked Out Of Two Games For Being Awful

Mizzou basketball games have long been attended by a student cheering section known as the Antlers, and it is a cheering section that is apparently full of huge dick heads. The entire section has been kicked out of two games this year by university police, and the school's athletic department just released a list of… »11/26/13 1:34pm11/26/13 1:34pm

Soccer Fans' Chant At Player Who Temporarily Left Match During Play: "He Went For A Shit"

During Monday night's 0-0 English Premier League draw between Everton and Southampton, Southampton midfielder Jason Puncheon briefly left the pitch during the action and vanished into the tunnel, only to return a short time later. Upon his return, the hometown fans eloquently serenaded Puncheon with their best guess… »1/22/13 11:25am1/22/13 11:25am

Manchester United Fans Chanted "Murderers" At Liverpool In The First Match At Anfield After The Hillsborough Report

Yesterday's match, a controversial 2-1 loss to United, was Liverpool's first time back at Anfield since the release of the Hillsborough Independent Panel's findings. The report absolved Reds supporters of any blame in the 1989 stampede that killed 96 fans, and the day was sure to be an emotional one. It was, at the… »9/24/12 9:45am9/24/12 9:45am