​The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Need

Like many of you, I work in front of a computer. They're powerful devices, but they also suck your will to live and trick you into never, ever getting up and going outside. Reasons like that are why fitness trackers were invented. » 12/19/14 3:21pm 12/19/14 3:21pm

Exclusive: Fitbit Charge and Charge HR Images and Full Features List

After earlier reports that Fitbit may be working on two new activity trackers, a tipster has sent us what appears to be official marketing materials that give us our first clear look at both the Fitbit Charge and Charge HD. Not only do we have a full feature rundown for each of these trackers, but the cleanest look… » 10/14/14 2:48pm 10/14/14 2:48pm

Amazingly, Someone Else Now Claims To Have Invented The "Charge" Chant

On Monday, we brought word that Bobby Kent, a musician from South Florida, claimed to have written the 'da da da da da da... CHARGE!' song that you hear at far too many sporting events. » 4/13/11 11:35am 4/13/11 11:35am

Man Wants Money For The "Charge" Stadium Chant That Everyone Hates

The "operative and most commonly known part of Kent's Composition goes 'da da da da da da... CHARGE!'" You know the one. Bobby Kent's complaint says the Texas Rangers are the biggest offenders — they played "Kent's Composition" 31 times during the World Series and he didn't see a dime. We also think that's horrible,… » 4/11/11 4:45pm 4/11/11 4:45pm