The Cardinals' Charity Really Doesn't Want To Answer Our Questions [Update]

Here is a mystery: Cardinals Care, the official charity of the St. Louis Cardinals, is making hundreds of thousands of dollars in unusual payments to the St. Louis Cardinals every year. Presumably there’s some straightforward explanation for this, but we can’t tell you what it is, because Cardinals Care really doesn’t… »7/31/15 12:48pm7/31/15 12:48pm


Tetris Grandmaster Takes On The Weirdest Game Mode I’ve Ever Seen

In its most vanilla, near-ubiquitous form, Tetris is already a near perfect video game that challenges you to be smart and fast in increasingly hard fashion. The stuff that gets thrown at you in an ultra-hard arcade version is mind-blowing. Blocks that need to be cleared twice. A stack that flips around. Let’s watch… »7/28/15 6:36pm7/28/15 6:36pm

Who's Actually Doing The Donating At Your Local Charity Run?

It's the last part of the tongue-twisting "Rock 'n' Roll Raleigh Marathon & 1/2 Marathon presented by WRAL benefiting The V Foundation for Cancer Research" that's sticking in the craw of copy editor, writer and avid marathoner R.L. Bynum. The phrase "benefiting The V Foundation" is part of the event's name: it's… »4/16/15 11:20am4/16/15 11:20am

50 Cent Challenges Floyd Mayweather To Read For Charity

Floyd Mayweather has been beefing with numerous rappers of late. He fought T.I. at a Fatburger in Las Vegas in May. Nelly blasted Mayweather for being a high school dropout on ESPN, and he's also dating Mayweather's ex-fiancée. But no beef has been more entertaining than Mayweather's fallout with former friend 50 Cent. »8/21/14 2:21pm8/21/14 2:21pm

Huskers Nation Flips Its Shit After Someone Thumbs-Downs Cute Video

In the Nebraska spring game, Red inserted an undersized but plucky tailback by the name of Jack Hoffman for a crucial fourth-down carry. It's worth mentioning that Jack is 7 years old and has suffered from brain cancer, and because the good folks at Nebraska realize what a bullshit deal it is to be 7 and to have… »4/06/13 8:10pm4/06/13 8:10pm

Fans Throw 21,000 Teddy Bears Onto The Ice After Goal

Often imitated, never duplicated, the WHL's Calgary Hitmen's annual Teddy Bear Toss is the best spectacle in junior hockey, and it's for a good cause. Fans bring stuffed animals to the game, and upon the Hitmen's first goal, they're hurled onto the ice in an orgiastic torrent of plush. The bears are then donated to… »12/03/12 11:05am12/03/12 11:05am

Want To Increase Donations To Your Charity? Stop Contesting Those Doping Allegations Against You

Why did Lance Armstrong's decision to stop fighting doping allegations—and thereby consent to being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles—drive up donations to his charity so sharply? Armstrong gave up the ghost Thursday; on Friday donations to the Lance Armstrong Foundation rose by a factor of 25. »8/26/12 5:00pm8/26/12 5:00pm

A Nine-Year-Old Bet That Roger Federer Would Win Seven Wimbledons Just Paid Off For A Dead Gambler's Favorite Charity

Way back in 2003, the year Roger Federer won his first Grand Slam event at All England, a shut-in named Nick Newlife wrote to bookmaker William Hill, asking what kind of odds he could get on the young Swiss to win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019. It was a "unique" bet, one not even the legendarily futures-obsessed… »7/09/12 10:15am7/09/12 10:15am