Wait, Did Clowntroll Blogger Chuck Johnson Shit On The Floor One Time?

If you've been online this week, you may have heard of Charles "Chuck" C. Johnson, an odious conservative blogger who has gained some fame by rolling around in the shit left in the wake of last month's Rolling Stone piece, which told the story of a University of Virginia student who claimed she was raped by seven men… »12/09/14 4:01pm12/09/14 4:01pm

Browns Sign Player With Torn ACL, Because They Are The Browns

Last week, the Cleveland Browns found themselves with a roster spot to fill after quarterback Brian Hoyer was placed on injured reserve. So like any savvy franchise, they went looking for talent on other teams' practice squads. They found rookie wide receiver Charles Johnson and signed him away from the Green Bay… »10/16/13 4:14pm10/16/13 4:14pm