Charles Oakley And Anthony Mason Had Some Profane Opinions On Those…

Flash back to the '95-96 season, when the Toronto Raptors entered the NBA wearing their cartoon dinosaur jersey. (It's incredible that this was only 16 years ago, and someone thought these were okay. I mean, they were mocked at the time, but not enough. Not enough.) A former Raps employee recalls a ceremony held… » 2/01/12 4:35pm 2/01/12 4:35pm

Older Charles Oakley Responds To Violence With Lawsuits Instead Of Fists

Former Knicks/Bulls/Wizards/Raptors/Rockets enforcer and current Charlotte Bobcats assistant coach Charles Oakley is suing the Aria hotel-casino at MGM's CityCenter complex in Vegas because security delivered onto him a "gang-style beat down" when he tried to get into the VIP-pool area. This allegedly happened… » 5/15/11 12:45pm 5/15/11 12:45pm

Charles Oakley Can Have Fun Without Michael Jordan, Apparently

A reader who was partying in Vegas this weekend — for the record, we have never partied in Vegas; we don't think our heart could take it — ended up spending the evening with a shirtless Charles Oakley. We are pretty certain we won't look that good shirtless when we're 73. A full set of photos from the night after… » 6/18/08 3:40pm 6/18/08 3:40pm