Cleveland Browns Greg Little And Joe Haden Hang With Charles Ramsey

That's wide receiver Greg Little and cornerback Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns hanging out with the man who became a national sensation and Cleveland hero when he helped deliver Amanda Berry and two others from over a decade of captivity. » 6/03/13 11:15pm 6/03/13 11:15pm

Everything We Know About the Three Kidnapped Cleveland Women

Who are Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, the three West Cleveland-area women who disappeared as teenagers a decade ago and finally escaped yesterday (along with a 6-year-old believed to be Berry's daughter) from the clutches of the former school bus driver who was allegedly keeping them captive? Here's… » 5/07/13 4:25pm 5/07/13 4:25pm

All The Best Quotes From The American Hero Who Rescued Amanda Berry

This is Charles Ramsey, Cleveland resident and the man who dialed 911 after coming to the aid of Amanda Berry, a woman who had been abducted and held hostage by three brothers for over 10 years. Charles Ramsey is awesome. Listen as he describes the situation. Pay no attention to what appears to be Pitbull's cousin… » 5/07/13 9:01am 5/07/13 9:01am