Here's Sad Charlie Manuel In A Supermarket Checkout Line

The Phillies are scheduled to play the Rockies tonight in South Philly. But Charlie Manuel won't be there. On Friday, Chollie packed his things into a little plastic Wawa bag and was sent on his way. He still showed for an autograph signing in the suburbs over the weekend, but now it's back to reality, which today… »8/20/13 5:29pm8/20/13 5:29pm


Charlie Manuel Takes His Shorti Hoagie And Walks Off Into The Sunset

The AP's Chris Szagola snapped a couple of photos of Charlie Manuel leaving Citizens Bank Park for the final time after being fired today as the Phillies' manager. I know it doesn't look like he's got a shorti hoagie in that bag. That's not the point. That plastic Wawa bag just makes these images that much sadder.… »8/16/13 6:20pm8/16/13 6:20pm

Watch Charlie Manuel Read Phillies Players' Tweets Out Loud

I went to the MLB Fan Cave about a year ago. The place bummed me out. Two aspiring actors—actors, in the sense that they'd be good fits to play Turtle in Entourage: the Musical—sat before a lot of TV screens and Pepsi Max ads. Now I think back on it, there was bottomless Pepsi Max. And Bud Light, in those aluminum… »6/04/12 1:30pm6/04/12 1:30pm

Bob Davidson's Ejection Of Charlie Manuel Today Featured More F-Bombs Than A Tarantino Film

Umpire Bob Davidson added insult to injury for the Phillies today when, after obstructing catcher Brian Schneider's attempts to retrieve a dropped third strike from hurler Cliff Lee, he ejected Philadelphia manager Charlie Manuel—leading to a fierce, "fuck"-filled argument in the eighth inning of today's game against… »5/15/12 3:41pm5/15/12 3:41pm

Chase Utley Ain't No Broad, According To Charlie Manuel

As the Phillies maintain their pursuit of The Bastard Mets in the National League East, there were some questions about whether or not this team was capable of hanging on through this final month of the season due to an overall lack of clubhouse leadership. There are no shit-stirrers, save for the occasional Pat… »9/03/08 12:30pm9/03/08 12:30pm