Kliff Kingsbury Morphing Into Charlie Weis Is Quite Disturbing

The Big 12 has a commercial with some of the conference's coaches morphing into each other, and that's how we get Kliff Kingsbury turning into Charlie Weis. This transformation can actually happen if Kingsbury screws up every major decision in his future. Don't do that, Kliff. You're too handsome to ever coach Kansas. »8/31/14 2:35pm8/31/14 2:35pm


Charlie Weis Does Not Want Kansas's Student Newspaper Asking Him Questions

Charlie Weis got a little snippy last week after The University Daily Kansan, Kansas's student newspaper, published a cover illustration of a tiny Jayhawk clinging to a goalpost being carried by a burly Kansas State Wildcat. The cover art, which ran under the headline, "Road Kill Ahead," was a clear indication of what… »10/10/12 6:55pm10/10/12 6:55pm