Reinis Lacis has an interesting post about the Hornets’ “short” out-of-bounds play, which they used

Reinis Lacis has an interesting post about the Hornets’ “short” out-of-bounds play, which they used to run with Gerald Henderson. He came back to Charlotte as a member of the Blazers last night, and tried ruining the play. You’ll never believe what happened next. [LamarMatic] »11/16/15 8:25pm11/16/15 8:25pm


Know Your GIF: This ad-libbed slapping of Hugo the Hornet actually happened six years ago

This is the perfect GIF gag. From the setup (Look out! Somebody warn him there’s a human in that blow-up mascot!) to the action (Boo! JESUS CHRIST! Haha! He fell!) to the reaction (Guy quickly recovers, realizes he still has a blunt object in his right hand, uses it as weapon) to the aftermath (Guy coolly walks away… »10/22/15 9:52pm10/22/15 9:52pm

Clippers Acquire Lance Stephenson For Matt Barnes And Spencer Hawes

As reported by everybody and confirmed by the Clippers, along with the Hornets they completed the rarest of things tonight: a consequential trade during the NBA Finals. Charlotte will send Lance Stephenson to Los Angeles, and will receive Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes in return. This is interesting on a few different… »6/15/15 9:58pm6/15/15 9:58pm

Kendall Gill Remembers How He Learned Not To Trash Talk Michael Jordan

It’s kind of crazy that we’re still hearing new stories about Michael Jordan’s famously hyper-competitive streak this far past his playing career. Today, Kendall Gill posted a video of one particular incident when MJ got his revenge on him and Alonzo Mourning after the young ‘uns had the audacity to poke His Airness: »4/09/15 3:50pm4/09/15 3:50pm

Oblivious Fan Gets Walloped In The Face By The Basketball

It is not baseball where a foul-tipped fastball can smoke you in the face and do serious damage, but you've still got to pay attention when you're sitting in the first couple of rows at a basketball game, especially when Lance Stephenson is on the court. That's the lesson this woman learned when she was looking at her… »3/12/15 12:49am3/12/15 12:49am

Kemba Walker Crosses Over, Nikola Mirotic Falls The Fuck Down

Poor Nikola Mirotic. He has no business checking Kemba Walker. Probably he learned his lesson after sucker-ass Kirk Hinrich left him hanging because he could not get over a Marvin Williams screen and Kemba crossed him out of his socks, but this is immaterial, because Nikola Mirotic is now a cluster of scattered… »12/04/14 10:54am12/04/14 10:54am

NBA Suspends Jeffery Taylor 24 Games For Domestic Assault, Shades NFL

The NBA announced in a memo Wednesday evening that Hornets small forward Jeffery Taylor had been given a 24-game unpaid suspension, after he pleaded guilty in late October to misdemeanor domestic violence assault. He was sentenced to 18 months probation. Taylor was arrested in September, and the memo outlines… »11/19/14 8:03pm11/19/14 8:03pm

Yeah, Everyone Likes The Hornets More Than The Bobcats

This chart from the Wall Street Journal shows Cleveland, predictably, getting the biggest bump in Facebook likes this offseason after bringing LeBron home. But Charlotte was the only other team to have their likes increase by more than 10 percent, and that's because the Hornets are great, and the Bobcats suck. »11/07/14 12:55pm11/07/14 12:55pm

Hornets Small Forward Jeff Taylor Charged With Domestic Assault [Update]

Charlotte Hornets small forward Jeff Taylor was arrested at a hotel in East Lansing, Michigan, Thursday morning. According to WCNC, Taylor was charged with "one count of domestic assault, assault and malicious destruction of property." The details surrounding the arrest are scant, and it is not immediately clear… »9/25/14 9:04pm9/25/14 9:04pm