Dioner Navarro Carted Off After This Collision, Holds On To The Ball

Dioner Navarro had to be carted off the field in the seventh inning after a collision at the plate with Chase Utley.With Utley on second, Kevin Frandsen lined a single to right field in just about perfect position for Cole Gillespie to field the ball on a couple of hops and fire a laser home to Navarro all in stride.… »8/07/13 10:31pm8/07/13 10:31pm

Chase Utley's Inside-The-Park Homer Is Better Than Anything That Happened In Your Game Tonight

The best part (or worst, if you're a Braves or Mets fan) of all of this is just how excited the crowd, and the announcer, gets. It's late in the game. Philly's already up 5-1, over the Giants, whose 3.62 runs scored per game is the worst among all division leaders. Philly's also got the NL East salted away, at… »7/26/11 10:15pm7/26/11 10:15pm

World F'In Champions May Get Expensive For Some Philadelphia Stations

Chase Utley's prideful "World Fucking Champions" speech at the Phillies parade could be costly to some local radio and television stations. The meddling FCC is now considering handing out fines for the October 31st slip-up which aired live to most of the Philadelphia area. Of course, the celebratory and light-hearted… »12/18/08 4:45pm12/18/08 4:45pm

Chase Utley Ain't No Broad, According To Charlie Manuel

As the Phillies maintain their pursuit of The Bastard Mets in the National League East, there were some questions about whether or not this team was capable of hanging on through this final month of the season due to an overall lack of clubhouse leadership. There are no shit-stirrers, save for the occasional Pat… »9/03/08 12:30pm9/03/08 12:30pm

Chase Utley Is The Most Interesting Man In The World

Chase Utley is lighter than air, can charm the birds out of the trees and never forgets your birthday. His blood smells like cologne. He also makes diving, backhanded catches, has hit 21 home runs, will run into the catcher full tilt and is not opposed to bunting his way on base. On Monday, his heroics led the Phils… »6/03/08 10:40am6/03/08 10:40am