Illinois LB Jonathan Brown Checked If The Coast Was Clear Before Kneeing A Foe In The Balls Today

"During the first half of today's Illinois/Northwestern game, Illinois linebacker Jonathan Brown clearly looks around to see if anyone is watching before kneeing Northwestern offensive lineman Patrick Ward in the groin. Of course, with 65,000 people, eleven opposing players and five refs - one of whom happened to be… »10/01/11 10:00pm10/01/11 10:00pm

Undercut On Breakaway Dunk Leaves High Schooler Temporarily Paralyzed

Alex Etherington, a 6'5" small forward at Hamilton Heights High School in Indiana, had an open look at the basket just minutes into a game against Peru High on Saturday. The score was just 2-0, but a Peru player still attempted to stop Etherington's dunk attempt with a vicious undercut push from behind. Etherington,… »3/03/11 4:45pm3/03/11 4:45pm

This Is Why We Can't Have Two-Way Football Players Anymore

College and pro sports are dirty cesspools of corruption, greed, and underhanded malfeasance, but they've got nothing on the cutthroat world of high school football. Just ask Taysom Hill, a star quarterback from Highland High School in Idaho, who is committed to Stanford. Recent opponent and cross-town rival… »10/29/08 1:30pm10/29/08 1:30pm