What The Fuck Does This Thomas Friedman Hockey Metaphor Mean?

Thought leader Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has written a column about the Ukraine crisis, in which he argues, well, who knows. A good quarter of it is just an extended excerpt from a 16-year-old interview with George Kennan, who didn't think that committing to wage nuclear war on behalf of Eastern European… »4/09/14 4:47pm4/09/14 4:47pm

Former World Chess Champion Gives His Take On eSports In 15 Tweets

Russian chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is in Seoul to participate in a local sports fair. And since South Korea is the capital of eSports, it was inevitable for him to weigh in on League of Legends and StarCraft, which are essentially the number one rivals of chess. »12/27/13 11:17am12/27/13 11:17am

The New Way to Play Chess Is Insane

It seems like the ideal game of chess is supposed to take hours, right? I seem to remember hearing stories of matches between grandmasters taking days. But indie game designer Bennett Foddy—best known the fun, impossible-to-play running simulator QWOPdoesn’t have time for all of that. His video game remix of the… »5/09/13 3:48pm5/09/13 3:48pm

Yes, Chess Grand Masters Are Still Being Randomly Drug-Tested For Doping

Aside from the boring/kick-ass/boring nature of chessboxing, as well as the occasional airing of Searching for Bobby Fischer on Starz, we can't say chess comes across our radar very often, but the 2012 World Chess Olympiad is underway in Istanbul. Tipster Jay L. brought to our attention that Grand Master Hikaru… »9/07/12 12:12am9/07/12 12:12am

Breaking: Russia Years Ahead Of Us In Remote Control Flying Penis Technology

Garry Kasparov's love-hate relationship with technology continued on Saturday, as the former World Chess Champion was buzzed by a remote controlled flying penis during a political speech in Moscow. As reported by Gizmodo yesterday, Kasparov seemed bemused by the brief encounter, which ended when an aide swatted the… »5/20/08 5:30pm5/20/08 5:30pm