Rook To Queen's Knight One, Bitch

If only chessboxing had come along a couple of decades earlier, we could have had some of the most entertaining championship bouts known to mankind. "Holmes is attempting to move his queen while still wearing his boxing gloves; pieces are flying everywhere! Spinks believes his bishop is made of chocolate ... and now… » 11/09/07 12:55pm 11/09/07 12:55pm

"Cut Me, Doc, Cut Me. Oh, Check, By The Way"

While everyone is focusing on the World Cup, another big event being hosted by Germany is tragically being ignored: The European Chessboxing Championships. The only board game which requires talcum and a cut man begins on April 21 in Cologne with two fights; the first between German middleweights Stefan Dittrich and… » 4/07/06 11:45am 4/07/06 11:45am

Presenting The Stupidest Sport Ever

We were pretty sure that the end of civilization was near when we discovered Korfball. After a close examination of Korfball, it became very clear that humans have too much time on their hands, and it would be better for everyone if we just gave everything back to the lower mammals, letting them start the evolution… » 10/12/05 12:15pm 10/12/05 12:15pm