Adrian Peterson's "Injury" Was Swallowing His Chewing Tobacco

Players get shuffled around NFL injury reports all the time. Whether or not someone will play is of major interest to fans and fantasy football players, so injury reports are scrutinized. Last night, Adrian Peterson got downgraded to questionable in the Vikings injury report due to a mysterious illness. His illness?… »10/25/15 2:45pm10/25/15 2:45pm


Nolan Ryan Says Josh Hamilton Should Have Waited Until The Offseason To Quit Chewing Tobacco

Josh Hamilton had a gangbusters first two months of the season, and then, suddenly, fell off a cliff. His past drug and alcohol problems, combined with some cryptic statements about "disobedience to God," put everyone on high alert. But in August, he revealed that he was struggling with a demon less illicit, if no… »10/10/12 10:40am10/10/12 10:40am

Peanuts, Cracker Jack, And Chaw: This Young Rangers Fan Is A Spitting Image Of Dad [UPDATE]

It's just a few days into the baseball season, but we're already reminded that some of the best action takes place in the stands, not on the field. Here's an example, as a young Rangers supporter takes after his father both in physical resemblance and, it appears, in the use of smokeless tobacco. [FS Southwest, h/t… »4/07/12 9:18pm4/07/12 9:18pm