Report: Patrick Kane's Accuser Will No Longer Cooperate With Investigation

Over the weekend, the Buffalo News reported that it appeared unlikely that the rape accusation against Blackhawks star Patrick Kane would go before a grand jury, let alone result in criminal charges. Now we know why: Kane’s accuser has reportedly told prosecutors she no longer wants to cooperate with the case. »11/03/15 11:01am11/03/15 11:01am

Report: Patrick Kane Unlikely To Be Charged In Rape Case

Three months ago, a Buffalo woman accused Patrick Kane of raping her at his home in nearby Hamburg, N.Y. The investigation revealed that a Buffalo PD officer served as Kane’s chauffeur the night of the alleged rape, involved a rape kit that might have been tampered with but was found to be a hoax perpetrated by the… »11/01/15 1:44pm11/01/15 1:44pm

The Blackhawks Are Unfair In 3-On-3 Overtime

The early returns on 3-on-3 overtime have been overwhelmingly positive—if it’s not necessarily more fair than treading ice until a shootout, it’s at the very least a ton more fun to watch. It’ll be just as fun to watch trends emerge: will certain strategies trump others on the wide-open rink? Are certain teams better… »10/27/15 12:58pm10/27/15 12:58pm

The Rangers Were Annoyed That The Blackhawks' Banner Ceremony Took So Long

The Blackhawks went all out to commemorate the start of their championship defense—and why not? How often do you win a Cup? But last night’s ceremony went on forever. There was a red carpet walk. Every player got an introduction. Videos played. The Stanley Cup came out. Gary Bettman was booed. Finally, the banner was… »10/08/15 10:15am10/08/15 10:15am

Lawyer Of Patrick Kane's Accuser Claims Rape Kit Was Tampered With [Update]

Thomas Eoannou, the attorney for the woman accusing Patrick Kane of rape, held a press conference today and claimed that the rape kit, which had reportedly shown no signs of Kane’s DNA on the woman’s genital area or underwear, was tampered with. Eoannou discovered this because the rape kit’s evidence bag was left… »9/23/15 1:34pm9/23/15 1:34pm

Patrick Kane Grand Jury Hearing Postponed Amid Reported Settlement Talks

A 23-person grand jury was to begin hearing the case of Patrick Kane today, to decide whether to indict the Blackhawks star on sexual assault allegations. That hearing has been postponed, the Buffalo News reports, with two sources telling the paper that attorneys for Kane and his accuser may be discussing a settlement. »9/08/15 2:40pm9/08/15 2:40pm

Patrick Kane's Lawyer Is Arguing With People On Facebook

Patrick Kane’s attorney Paul Cambria felt compelled today to reply to a Facebook post about the news that an off-duty Buffalo cop served as Patrick Kane’s driver the night he allegedly raped a woman at his home. The thread’s on the private Facebook page of Buffalo-based blogger Alan Bedenko; a reader forwarded us… »8/17/15 12:55pm8/17/15 12:55pm

Report: Off-Duty Cop Chauffeured Patrick Kane On Night Of Alleged Rape

According to a report from The Buffalo News, Thomas English—a police lieutenant with the city of Buffalo—drove Patrick Kane, his alleged rape victim, and two other people from SkyBar in downtown Buffalo out to Kane’s home in Hamburg early on August 2, the night of the alleged rape. The News also reports that English… »8/16/15 2:35pm8/16/15 2:35pm