Blues Fan Bares Breasts During Chicago-St. Louis Overtime

First Joel Quenneville grabbed his nuts and now this: a Blues fan sitting behind the goal in St. Louis took a moment to urge her team on in overtime by flashing her breasts. Shortly thereafter, St. Louis scored and took a commanding 2-0 lead in the NHL's most x-rated series so far. » 4/19/14 6:58pm Yesterday 6:58pm

Now Corey Crawford's Pads Are Missing

Corey Crawford is cursed. The Blackhawks goaltender took to the Soldier Field ice on Saturday in his regular mask, because his custom Stadium Series mask just never showed up. Missing? Stolen? He wasn't sure, and neither were Reebok or FedEx. But now a set of his leg pads have also disappeared from Soldier Field, and… » 3/03/14 1:18pm 3/03/14 1:18pm

Corey Crawford's Stadium Series Mask Is Missing

Crawford initially speculated on Twitter that the mask—specially designed for the final Stadium Series game tonight—might have been stolen, but he later told NHL Network that the he didn't know where it was. "I don't know. Reebok doesn't know. FedEx doesn't know." The puck drops between the Hawks and Penguins at 8:00… » 3/01/14 11:23am 3/01/14 11:23am

Marc-Andre Fleury's Stadium Series Mask Looks Like A Steelers Helmet

Honest-to-goodness NHL hockey is back tonight! (Sort of.) But if you need some novelty to ease the transition from the Olympics to the stretch run, Saturday marks the fourth and final Stadium Series game. The Penguins will take on the Blackhawks at Soldier Field, and as is tradition, both goalies will take the ice… » 2/25/14 3:28pm 2/25/14 3:28pm

The Chicago Blackhawks Made The Weirdest Holiday Video

We've seen plenty of cringe-inducing holiday videos in which athletes are forced to sing Christmas carols and wear funny Santa hats, but we've never seen one like this. For some reason, the Chicago Blackhawks decided to make their holiday video movie-themed.Why is this happening? What do any of these movies have to do… » 12/23/13 11:45am 12/23/13 11:45am

Brandon Saad Set Up Patrick Kane With A Sweet Spin-O-Rama

So Brandon Saad is stealing Patrick Kane's moves now—and by that we do not mean Saad went on a weekend bender at the Tau Kap house, though one can always hope. Rather, Saad busted out the Spin-O-Rama—which Kaner had learned from Denis Savard—during last night's win over the Wild. » 10/29/13 1:00pm 10/29/13 1:00pm

Lightning Defensemen Combine For Humiliating Own Goal

The timing couldn't have been worse. With 1:49 left in regulation, just 40 seconds after the Lightning had taken the lead on the defending champ Blackhawks, Matt Carle inexplicably and forcefully fired a pass back at Radko Gudas. It deflected off a surprised Gudas's skate, skittering past Ben Bishop to knot the game at … » 10/25/13 8:47am 10/25/13 8:47am

John Tavares Hit In Face With Puck, Pulls Out Own Tooth

Well this is disgusting. Early in the second period in Chicago Friday night, Islanders captain John Tavares got hit in the face trying to dig out a puck along the boards and must have knocked a tooth loose. When he eventually made his way to the bench, he just yanked that sucker out. You can actually see it tumble… » 10/12/13 4:30pm 10/12/13 4:30pm

Eric Nesterenko And The Examined Life: A Hockey Intellectual Reflects

Excerpted from From Black Sox to Three-Peats: A Century of Chicago's Best Sports Writing (University of Chicago Press), edited by Ron Rapoport and featuring stories from the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Daily News, and the Chicago Defender, among other papers. It's an excellent collection, and… » 9/18/13 2:29pm 9/18/13 2:29pm