Daniel Murphy Just Keeps Mashing, Might Be Possessed

A Mets source reiterated to the Daily News yesterday that Daniel Murphy’s astounding postseason play hasn’t altered the club’s plan to let him leave this offseason. The Chicago Cubs, for their part, have more urgent Daniel Murphy concerns than what to do with him when his contract expires. Namely, the friggin’ dude is… »10/19/15 11:28am10/19/15 11:28am

The Cubs Might Have Screwed Themselves By Screwing Kris Bryant

This Wednesday, the Cubs play the Pirates in the NL wildcard game. The game is in Pittsburgh, but it’s worth noting that the Cubs finished one win away from hosting it themselves. The slimness of that margin should send Cubs fans back to April, when their front office decided to detain Kris Bryant for a few games in… »10/06/15 1:52pm10/06/15 1:52pm