Here's What The Massive Construction At Wrigley Looked Like Yesterday

We asked readers to send us recent photos of the ongoing construction at Wrigley Field, which is all fucked up. We got a lot of pictures from readers that were taken yesterday. This is what Wrigley looked like, 10 days out from opening night. » 3/27/15 1:03pm Friday 1:03pm

Wrigley Field Is Fucked

This off-season marked the start of a long, expansive, expensive, and arguably unnecessary renovation project at Wrigley Field, which was supposed to be completed over the course of four off-seasons and leave the stadium fully operational during the summer. According to Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, things aren't… » 3/26/15 3:19pm Thursday 3:19pm

Even The Chicago Cubs Are Owning Darren Rovell

You would think that after a career full of attempts at being clever on Twitter backfiring, living BrandBot Darren Rovell would give up the bantering aspect of the platform and stick to reporting on whichever 8,000 calorie food abomination is being introduced in a minor league ballpark near you. But Rovell is… » 3/18/15 8:18pm 3/18/15 8:18pm

Cool 1930s Home Video Shows A Day Out At Wrigley Field

This is a pretty cool home video of a bunch of guys sitting around in fedoras and smoking cigars while watching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, shot in either 1937 or 1938. The video belongs to the Chicago Film Archive and has been up on their website since 2012, but was only put on YouTube this week. DNAinfo explains… » 2/03/15 7:31pm 2/03/15 7:31pm

"Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks Is Dead

Ernie Banks, who starred in the Negro Leagues and in the U.S. military before joining the Chicago Cubs and slugging his way to a Hall of Fame career, died tonight at the age of 83. » 1/23/15 10:59pm 1/23/15 10:59pm

Starlin Castro Arrested In DR After Nightclub Shooting [UPDATE]

Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has been arrested after a nightclub shooting that left six people injured, according to a report from Dominican newspaper El Caribe. Castro's arrest comes three weeks after his agent said he had been cleared of involvement in a previous Dominican nightclub shooting. » 12/27/14 2:17pm 12/27/14 2:17pm

The Red Sox's Lowball Offer Last Winter Probably Cost Them Jon Lester

Last winter, Jon Lester said he "absolutely" would offer a hometown discount to stay in Boston. In the end, the reason the lefty ace signed with the Cubs appears as simple as the Red Sox overestimating just how big a discount they could get away with proposing without pissing Lester off. » 12/10/14 1:48pm 12/10/14 1:48pm

Cubs Sign Jon Lester, Are Really Going For It

Late last night, Yahoo's Jeff Passan reported that the Chicago Cubs signed Jon Lester to a six-year, $155 million deal. According to Passan, the Cubs managed to snag Lester by outbidding the Red Sox, who most everyone thought was the favorite to land Lester, by $20 million. The Cubs, it appears, are ready to try and… » 12/10/14 9:01am 12/10/14 9:01am

Joe Maddon Ordered A Round Of Drinks At His Cubs Press Conference

In a press conference held at a bar across the street from Wrigley Field, the Cubs introduced their new manager, Will Ferrell as Harry Caray Joe Maddon. It ended with Maddon ordering a round of boilermakers for everyone. » 11/03/14 5:17pm 11/03/14 5:17pm

Cubs Fire Rick Renteria After One Season, Admit He Got Fucked

After Joe Maddon unexpectedly left the Tampa Bay Rays, the Cubs worked quickly to cut a deal and bring him on. Current skipper Rick Renteria, a baseball lifer in his first-ever major league managing gig, got the shaft, and president Theo Epstein admitted as much in today's press release. » 10/31/14 3:52pm 10/31/14 3:52pm

Report: Joe Maddon To Manage The Cubs

Well, that happened pretty quickly. It's been less than a week since Joe Maddon left the Tampa Bay Rays in the dust, and he's already found himself a new job managing the Chicago Cubs, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. » 10/29/14 5:57pm 10/29/14 5:57pm

Cubs Fans, Look Away Now

Yeah, that's real. It's a Cubs cap with a 2003 World Series patch, and it was placed in players' lockers late in Game 6 of the NLCS, anticipating a almost-certain Chicago victory. » 10/14/14 4:41pm 10/14/14 4:41pm

Is Javier Baez's Rocket-Powered Swing Built To Last?

Without knowing it, Chicago Cubs rookie slugger Javier Baez pays homage to Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion with each swing. He takes big giant cuts and hits big giant homers. The problem is, the equal and opposite reactions to the mechanics that generate all that power render the other parts of his swing wildly… » 9/12/14 2:31pm 9/12/14 2:31pm

Jorge Soler Is Here, And You Should Pay Attention To The Cubs This Month

So, the Cubs suck. They are in last place in the NL Central, are 12 games under .500, and traded away their ace back in July. But! I am here to tell you that over these last few weeks of the season, you should consider watching a few Cubs games, because you might see some cool shit. » 9/04/14 4:01pm 9/04/14 4:01pm

Manny Ramirez Was A Huge Success As A Player-Coach

The grand Manny Ramirez experiment has come to an end. After three months as player-instructor for the triple-A Iowa Cubs, Ramirez's season ended on Friday with a knee injury. The 42-year-old was rarely healthy and can't really hit anymore, but Ramirez's minor-league stint went a long way toward showing that there's a… » 9/02/14 2:45pm 9/02/14 2:45pm

Javier Baez Mashed The Hell Out Of Another Tater

Cubs prospect Javier Baez has been in the majors for just over two weeks, but thanks to his ability to hit baseballs really damn hard and really damn far, he's already got quite a highlight reel to his name. During today's game against the Orioles, he hit a ball way out of the stadium. » 8/22/14 5:03pm 8/22/14 5:03pm