The Cubs Are Suing The People Responsible For Fake "Billy Cub" Mascot

Even though their own official mascot is a pantsless terror, the Chicago Cubs are suing the people responsible for a fake Cubs Mascot that has been hanging around Wrigley and causing all kinds of problems. Most notably, the fake mascot, known as "Billy Cub," punched someone in a Wrigleyville bar back in April. » 7/19/14 7:10pm 7/19/14 7:10pm

Cubs Fan Catches Braves Home Run Ball, Throws Fake Ball Back On Field

This is a funny little insight into the lunacy of sports fandom. Much like with the players, there are unwritten rules of decorum for fans and one of those rules is that you must throw an opposing team's home run back onto the field if you catch it. People will straight-up yell at you if you don't. They made a whole » 7/12/14 7:09pm 7/12/14 7:09pm

David Ortiz Thinks The Cubs Stink Because Of Day Games. Do They?

David Ortiz recently blamed the Cubs' consistent inability to win games on the team's penchant for scheduling day games. "When you come down to the Cubs' schedule it's a game-changer, believe it or not," Ortiz said. "They play so many day games at home and then they have to travel to another city and adjust themselves… » 7/03/14 11:46am 7/03/14 11:46am

The Cubs' Continued Boning Of Jeff Samardzija Is Historically Egregious

Jeff Samardzija has started 10 games for the Cubs this year, and in those 10 games he has pitched 68 innings, struck out 54 batters, and allowed just 11 earned runs. In three of those starts, he allowed zero earned runs; he allowed just one earned run in three other starts. Jeff Samardzija has a 1.46 ERA, and his… » 5/22/14 2:25pm 5/22/14 2:25pm

Wrigley Field Mural Depicts Scene From Comiskey Park

To celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary, the Cubs painted a bunch of murals on the outer wall of the stadium facing Waveland Avenue. One of the murals, seen above, is said to depict Charles Lindbergh taking in a Cubs game in 1927. The only problem with the picture is that it wasn't taken at Wrigley field. It… » 5/16/14 11:09am 5/16/14 11:09am

Cardinals Fan Makes A Mess Out Of Catching Foul Ball

In the seventh inning of yesterday's Cardinals-Cubs game, Mark Ellis hit a foul ball down the right field line and into the stands. Our man, in enemy territory, was in perfect position for a free souvenir. But then that ball kept hurtling at him and soon, it was too late. The ball was on him and he turned a great fan… » 5/03/14 11:10am 5/03/14 11:10am

The Cubs' 400-Pound Wrigley Cake Is Sitting In A Dumpster Right Now

To celebrate Wrigley Field's 100th birthday yesterday, the Cubs commissioned "The Edible Confines," a 5'x5', 400-pound cake version of Wrigley. It took four bakers six days to make. It took one day to be unceremoniously trashed, much like a century's worth of Cubs fans' hopes and dreams. » 4/24/14 2:31pm 4/24/14 2:31pm