Chicago Fire's Communications Director Is Sick Of Your Bullshit

At any organization, the person who holds the title "communications director" does not possess the most glamorous of jobs. His or her days are spent writing bland electronic newsletters that will be ignored by almost everyone who receives them, desperately trying to get more "likes" for their organization's Facebook… »8/22/13 9:34am8/22/13 9:34am

Chicago Fire Training Interrupted By Alligator Spectator

The MLS season is like 11 months long, so the Chicago Fire are already in training camp. Because of rain, they've had to go to their backup site, the tiny Blackbaud Stadium in Charleston, S.C. Judging from the Google satellite photo, the Blackbaud training field abuts a small pond. Yesterday, scaly death emerged… »2/14/13 5:25pm2/14/13 5:25pm