Here's What Your Newspaper Looks Like When You Fire Your Photographers

Above, the Chicago Sun-Times' front page the day after its local hockey team took home the Stanley Cup. Below, the Chicago Tribune's front page that very same day. » 6/27/13 9:10pm 6/27/13 9:10pm

Rick Telander Doesn't Realize That Baseline "Raptors" Sign Isn't Real

It's been two seasons since Toronto introduced their 3D, optical illusion "Raptors" sign underneath each basket. It was sort of cool at first, and even now good for a moment of "oh yeah," whenever you catch a Raps game. But at least we all understand how it works. One Sun-Times columnist does not. » 4/19/13 6:08pm 4/19/13 6:08pm

Hockey's Back, But The Media Still Doesn't Know Who The Kings Are

It became a running joke last season, as the Kings cruised to a Stanley Cup, that the Los Angeles media couldn't quite grasp the concept of a hockey team. The Kings were misidentified in onscreen graphics, the players' names slaughtered by sportscasters, even their mascot mixed up with his NBA counterpart. It got to… » 1/15/13 11:30am 1/15/13 11:30am

Joe Cowley Has Been "Reprimanded Appropriately," Reports Paper That's…

Boy, how did the Sun-Times get scooped on this one? Their columnist Joe Cowley spends years trolling everyone, degrading women, and just acting like an all-around dick, and he finally gets in trouble, and I have to read about it in the Tribune? I guess the Sun-Times isn't your one-stop shop for all things Chicago… » 5/01/12 3:50pm 5/01/12 3:50pm

Twitter Asshole Joe Cowley Had Me Fired From The Sun-Times

It's fitting that it was on Twitter where Joe Cowley finally pushed the wrong buttons and clued everyone in to just what an ass he is. Because it was Twitter that provoked tough guy Joe into throwing his weight around, and getting me fired from the first journalism job I ever had. » 4/30/12 6:45pm 4/30/12 6:45pm

Joe Cowley: The Best Sexist Around, Nothing's Gonna Ever Keep Him Down

So, Joe Cowley. Hilarious satirist, or serial sexist? We'll try to address that soon, but first, let's discuss why you are watching the final tournament fight scene from The Karate Kid scored to Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around." It seems Cowley had a signature sign off for those he was through antagonizing:… » 4/29/12 5:05pm 4/29/12 5:05pm

Rick Telander: If We Don't Stop Getting Concussed, The Robots Will Win…

We do not know what is going on in Rick Telander's head, but he wrote a column about brains and computers yesterday that is so full of raving, delusional paranoia about some impending tyranny that he might as well be on mushrooms or in the Tea Party. » 2/15/11 4:15pm 2/15/11 4:15pm

Chicago Sun-Times Mixes Up Its Latino Baseball Players

The Cubs on Friday traded for Tampa Bay pitcher Matt Garza. Apparently, this confused the Chicago Sun-Times, which slapped a full-page photo on its back cover of...Joaquín Benoit. Both pitchers are right-handed. Both have facial hair. Let's stop there. » 1/08/11 12:15pm 1/08/11 12:15pm

Dear Deadspin Commenters: You Are The Reason The Chicago Sun-Times Is…

Commenters, prepare to be amused. A Sun-Times web editor named Matthew Wood chastised some of his newspaper's online community for nasty, racist remarks and has blamed this phenomenon on...Deadspin. Read on. » 12/23/09 3:00pm 12/23/09 3:00pm

The Jay Mariotti Online Express Could Be Headed Back To Chicago

The Rumor: Jay Mariotti's death wish/dream to return to the Chicagoland newspaper universe is almost complete — he's finally heading to the Chicago Tribune. It's just unfortunate that neither he nor anyone at the paper will talk about it. » 7/01/09 3:50pm 7/01/09 3:50pm

Jay Mariotti: "Roger Ebert Can Kiss My Ass"

Remember back in the summer when venerable Chicago Sun-Times movie critic, Roger Ebert wrote that scathing farewell letter to Jay Mariotti? Jay does — and he's finally responded. » 1/22/09 11:00am 1/22/09 11:00am

Jay Mariotti Column Commenting Is Back On The Air

One thing I failed to consider with the previous post; you can comment on Jay's columns now! This is fun we never had when he was at the Sun-Times. » 1/05/09 2:15pm 1/05/09 2:15pm

It's Morning In America: Jay Mariotti Debuts At AOL Sports

Groggy, caffeine-deficient citizens got a jolt of 21st-century reality this morning as Jay Mariotti debuted at his new home, AOL Sports. Yes, he's no longer just Chicago's problem; Jay belongs to the world. » 1/05/09 10:15am 1/05/09 10:15am

Chicago Magazine Writer Loves Him Some Jay Mariotti

By his own count, Jay Mariotti wrote more than 3,000 columns in his 17 years as a Chicago Sun-Times columnist. But now that that's all over, and being an ESPN jabbering noggin is his main gig now, how does a professional contrarian stay relevant in a world that's swiftly passing him by? By grabbing a suit jacket and… » 11/20/08 5:30pm 11/20/08 5:30pm

So Rick Telander Meets Jay Mariotti Sweaty and Nude...

The long-standing feud between former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti and current CST columnist Rick Telander has been well-publicized and generated notoriety given its potential for violence » 10/22/08 2:45pm 10/22/08 2:45pm. Once Jay quit, the yelps of joy from inside the Sun-Times' newsroom could pretty much be heard () around the world…

The Internet Cautions Mr. Mariotti Not To Let The Door Hit Him In The…

So Jay Mariotti resigned from the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday night, prompting a flurry of reaction around the webtubes, a sampling of which we show you here. Most of it's anti-Jay, as you might guess; even this guy refuses to defend him. Mariotti; the only man Lassie ever refused to save from a well. Let's begin. » 8/27/08 3:45pm 8/27/08 3:45pm • …

Jay Mariotti: Quits Chicago Sun-Times Before Struggling Newspaper…

Wow. Based on the enormous amount of emails flooding Deadspin's inbox, you would've thought that there was an assassination of a beloved sports figure or a towering inferno at Yankee Stadium. Nope. The reason for the deluge was because Jay Mariotti, after 17 years of vituperative hackdom, has decided to turn in his… » 8/27/08 8:45am 8/27/08 8:45am

Sun-Times Guilty Of Blog Swiping?

The Chicago Sun-Times ran a front-page story today about the firing of Chicago State baseball coach Husain Mahmoud for some egregious resume fabricating, but was it their story? It appears the Sun Times' story ran a little late compared to the ones published on June 12th by Babes Love Baseball and College Baseball… » 7/07/08 5:15pm 7/07/08 5:15pm

It's So Cute When Newspapers Fight Over The Cubs

The Chicago Tribune hates the Chicago Sun-Times, and vice versa ... it's like Spy vs. Spy, only with the threat of layoffs. (For myself, it's hard to pick sides: One paper is owned by Sam Zell, the other employs Mariotti). This round goes to the Tribune, however, who secretly embedded an intern into the Sun-Times'… » 3/21/08 2:20pm 3/21/08 2:20pm