Actually, Hurricane Katrina Was Not Super Cool

If you squint hard enough at this nasty number from last week, in which the Chicago Tribune’s Kristen McQueary wrote glowingly of the great civic good Hurricane Katrina visited upon the city of New Orleans a decade ago and of her fervent desire for Chicago to meet a similar fate, you can almost interpret the outline… » 8/17/15 5:10pm 8/17/15 5:10pm

Chicago Tribune Takes Back Its Post-Bombing Tribute To Boston

Remember the morning after the Boston Marathon bombings, when the Chicago Tribune dedicated the front page of its sports section to the city of Boston and its sports teams? That was a very sweet thing for the Tribune to do! But now, with the Bruins and Blackhawks facing each other in the Stanley Cup finals, the… » 6/14/13 10:25am 6/14/13 10:25am

Northwestern Has Fired Bill Carmody After 13 Years Of Decent-By-Northwestern-Standards Basketball

In 13 seasons as the head coach at Northwestern University, an alleged Big Ten basketball program, Bill Carmody’s signature moment might’ve been getting hired in the first place. And that, presumably, is why the school fired him today. Cracker-box facilities, lack of tradition, and academic pressures notwithstanding,… » 3/16/13 1:40pm 3/16/13 1:40pm

"World Series Shits To Detroit" Declares Chicago Tribune, Fox News, Et Al

Gather ‘round, my little dreamlets. Grandpa's going to sing of the days before every baboon with a wireless connection could vomit up a website and call it news. In those long-forgotten times, human beings would staff publications—magazines and newspapers, chiefly. But as audience habits and advertising money wandered… » 10/27/12 2:50pm 10/27/12 2:50pm

The First Pick In Tonight's NBA Draft Goes To ... The New Orleans Saints, According To Newspaper

We've heard all that offseason talk about bounties and fines and suspensions, but according to the Chicago Tribune, the Saints have much more pressing, immediate priorities. Taking Anthony Davis at No. 1 is a no-brainer, but they must really be fretting over what to do at No. 10 and No. 46. » 6/28/12 11:00am 6/28/12 11:00am

Once Again Northwestern Wins Nth Women's Lacrosse Title in N+1 Years

The women's lacrosse team from Northwestern University out-lacrossed the women's lacrosse team from Syracuse University on Sunday to win the program's seventh national title in eight years, a laudable feat of consistent ass-kicking that becomes all the more impressive when you consider the key word "Northwestern."… » 5/28/12 11:33am 5/28/12 11:33am

Mariotti To Tribune Apparently Just A Matter Of When, Not If

Get ready Chicagoland, your Jay is back. Jay Mariotti to the Chicago Tribune! Let those words luxuriate on your tongue for a moment. At least that's the word according to two of our sources, one of whom is quite close to the situation. Tribune higher-ups — and by that I mean higher than the editorial department — are… » 9/11/08 6:30pm 9/11/08 6:30pm

Those Pesky Mariotti-To-Tribune Rumors Will Not Dissipate

Rumors continue to flutter over Chicago this afternoon concerning sensitive Around the Horn talking head Jay Mariotti and his possible move to the Chicago Tribune. A couple of sources close to the situation have emailed me and said that the Trib's editorial staff are taking the rumors seriously, and that "mass… » 9/09/08 4:30pm 9/09/08 4:30pm

It's So Cute When Newspapers Fight Over The Cubs

The Chicago Tribune hates the Chicago Sun-Times, and vice versa ... it's like Spy vs. Spy, only with the threat of layoffs. (For myself, it's hard to pick sides: One paper is owned by Sam Zell, the other employs Mariotti). This round goes to the Tribune, however, who secretly embedded an intern into the Sun-Times'… » 3/21/08 2:20pm 3/21/08 2:20pm

Jay The Joke: For All Your Jay Mariotti Mocking Needs

For skewering of our friend Jay Mariotti, quite frankly, we like to think we take a back seat to no one. Well, excepting perhaps Jay the Joke, a new blog dedicated to, as they put it "uniting Cubs fans and Sox fans through a common hatred of Jay Mariotti." And in so doing, does this blog not unite us all? Of course we… » 6/27/06 2:30pm 6/27/06 2:30pm