The Toronto Blue Jays Are Out Of The AL East Basement, Barely

The Blue Jays were so far south of their preseason projections that even after a 10-game winning streak they're still the most disappointing team in baseball this season. But! After a wild 11-day charge, they've gone from 12 games back in the AL East to 6.5 back. They're now above .500 for the first time since last… »6/22/13 9:39pm6/22/13 9:39pm


Chien-Ming Wang Injures Himself Attempting The Always-Tricky "Step On First Base" Play

Wang left in the third inning of today's spring training start after breaking down while attempting to beat a runner to the bag. It's funny, but it's not funny, because it was another non-pitching related activity—running the bases in interleague play—that turned Wang from a 19-game winner into a "give him a one… »3/15/12 3:45pm3/15/12 3:45pm

Friday Afternoon Fun With Asian People, With Special Guest Stars Neymar And Chien-Ming Wang

Set to jolly CONMEBOL rhythms, this is a local TV spot on Brazilian team Santos' new ad hyping their Club World Cup trip to Japan. Yep, those are Santos players making the slant-eyed gesture. We'd expect this kind of thing from one half of the Treaty of Tordesillas, but not both. »7/29/11 5:55pm7/29/11 5:55pm