World's Dirtiest U-12 Soccer Player Arrested In Hong Kong After Kicking Opponent In Head

Last week, we told you about the precociously thugged-out behavior of a player (No. 2 in the video) on the ESF Lions U-12 team in Hong Kong. The 10-year-old ginger went on a fouling rampage against the Kitchee Escola team that culminated with an ugly boot to the face of a downed opponent (at 1:36) and touched off a… »3/20/12 6:05pm3/20/12 6:05pm


Dirtiest U-12 Soccer Player In The World Discovered In Hong Kong

When an athlete realizes that he's reached the upper limits of his skill, he either accepts it and plays on. Or he learns to play dirty. Like the vicious ginger lad (No. 2) in this video, who was recently spotted in Hong Kong behaving like a human scythe. The boy commits several dirty fouls in the video, but they're… »3/14/12 11:05am3/14/12 11:05am