Alexis Sanchez's Ankle Injury Is Pretty Gruesome-Looking

Alexis Sanchez had to leave the Copa America final before the penalty shootout on account of Gabriel Mercado caught him with a nasty tackle that left him unable to play past the 104th minute. Chile won anyway, thanks to Messi’s chokejob, but Alexis’ ankle has ballooned up and it looks like the podiatric equivalent of…


Idiot On The Field Leads Slapstick Chase Through Copa America Match, Eventually Gets Bodyslammed

Chile vs. Colombia was exciting during the first half, nonexistent for the next two hours, then soggy and boring for the second half. Thankfully, stoppage time featured an amazing moment in Idiot On The Field history, as this enterprising dumbass managed to escape a sizable horde of the security team, run the length…

Colombian Police Find Half A Ton Of Cocaine Hidden In Buses Transporting Soccer Fans

Two packed buses set out from Cali, Colombia this weekend heading towards Santiago, Chile to deliver dozens of soccer fans to the site of the two countries’ World Cup qualifying match. Unbeknownst to the fans, they were accompanied by over 1,000 lbs. of cocaine, discretely hidden underneath the seats and floor.