Greg Oden Put Up A Double-Double In His Chinese Basketball Debut

Hey, remember Greg Oden? The former Trail Blazer with two different sized legs? The former top pick is back playing basketball, this time in China with the Jiangsu Dragons and he looks pretty good, albeit it’s still preseason there too. He’ll share go-to duties with Arnett Moultrie, former Sixers washout. Please enjoy… »10/17/15 1:45pm10/17/15 1:45pm


Here's Tracy McGrady Blatantly And Maliciously Elbowing The Crap Out Of A Chinese League Basketball Player

Tracy McGrady's squad, the Qingdao Eagles (AKA the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles), was down big in what we think was probably the fourth quarter of this CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) game. A player on the other team hits a three to push the deficit to 22 and then does approximately what we would do if we hit a… »12/09/12 12:35pm12/09/12 12:35pm

Another American Basketball Team Brawled In China, And This Time It Involved Throwing Chairs At Spectators [UPDATE]

Details are scarce about this event today in China when a team we're told consists of NBA D-Leaguers brawled with CBA team Zhejiang Lions, leading to chairs being thrown by both teams and—at the very end of this video—by an unidentified American player toward Chinese fans. »5/25/12 1:35pm5/25/12 1:35pm

J.R. Smith Shattered Three Pairs Of Ankles (Including Stephon Marbury's) In A Single CBA Game

Here is video evidence that J.R. Smith's extended stay in China has, statistically speaking, involved more broken ankles than brawls spearheaded by his sister. Heart of Beijing has dutifully compiled video of three incidents: The first you see here actually caused an injury, and the final step-back took out Stephon… »1/19/12 10:30am1/19/12 10:30am

J.R. Smith's Sister Choked A Woman During A Brawl In China Involving The Same Team That Beat Up Georgetown

Former Nuggets guard J.R. Smith is currently playing in China for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls, having been unable to escape his Chinese Basketball Association contract when the NBA lockout ended. Zhejiang faced the Bayi Rockets (you remember them as the Chinese military team who brawled with Georgetown) last night and… »1/11/12 10:43pm1/11/12 10:43pm

The Chinese Basketball Association Doesn't Want Kobe Bryant To Play Next Season, Either

One nice, unproductive distraction from the lockout has been to speculate about which NBA players will spend the lockout playing in China, Turkey, and, somehow, England. But now the Chinese Basketball Association has gone and deprived us even of that pleasure, announcing today that it would not permit NBA players… »8/19/11 3:45pm8/19/11 3:45pm