Chipper Jones Rescued Freddie Freeman In The Snowstorm

A state of emergency has been declared in Georgia, as a rare snowstorm has dumped up to four inches across the state. Babies born on the interstate, hundreds of schoolkids unable to get home, and for Atlanta residents, it's a travel nightmare unseen in years. Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was one of those… »1/29/14 8:25am1/29/14 8:25am

A Note For Chipper Jones And Assorted Others, From The Editors Of Deadspin

What you're about to read is a stupid story about people being stupid with one another on the internet. Somehow, we're not involved (only we sort of are). It's stupid, and there are no lessons to be drawn except that there are days when the internet seems like nothing so much as a roomful of gibbons pounding on each… »4/02/13 6:07pm4/02/13 6:07pm

Fat Chipper Jones Has Divorced His Wife And Is Now Dating Playboy Model Taylor Higgins, AKA Lexi Ray

Leave it to those sleuths of scuzz over at Busted Coverage to make a find like this. Chipper Jones has retired, finalized his divorce from his second wife, and now appears to be dating Taylor Higgins, better known to the world as Lexi Ray or Lexi Ray Taylor, depending on when you might have been looking at her without… »12/06/12 7:00pm12/06/12 7:00pm

Chipper Jones Predicted The Way The One-Game Playoff Would End Two Weeks Ago

As many have noted, two weeks ago, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked Chipper Jones what he thought of the one-game playoff. He said he thought the new double-wildcard, play-in game system was "stupid," because it potentially puts the second best team in a given league in the position of playing one game for their… »10/06/12 12:50pm10/06/12 12:50pm

Chipper Jones Complained On Twitter About The TV In His Hotel Room, And Someone From The Front Desk Came Up And Fixed It

We thought we were too cynical to ever again believe in sports the way we did when we were kids. We thought we could never unquestioningly adore and glorify an athlete, knowing what really goes on. But then we met Chipper Jones's Twitter feed. Larry, Jr. tweets in backwoods gibberish overflowing with vitality. He… »8/09/12 3:55pm8/09/12 3:55pm