What Johan Cruyff's Flameout Says About Mexican Soccer's Problems

Republished with permission from The Classical, which just launched a fancy new web magazine. The magazine is available via monthly or yearly subscriptions, as well as single-issue purchases, on the Apple iOS newstand. It’s $2.99 if you pay monthly, $29.99 if you sign up for a year in advance, and $3.99 to buy… »5/15/13 4:43pm5/15/13 4:43pm


No, Marco Fabian, Celebrating A Goal By Mock-Executing A Teammate Will Not Go Over Well In Mexico

Marco Fabian, a midfielder for Mexican Premiera powerhouse Chivas de Guadalajara, scores a lot of goals. Accordingly, Marco Fabian needs to celebrate a lot of goals. On Saturday, for example, he scored a hat trick in Chivas's 5-2 win against Tecos, and had to celebrate three different goals. This, one can imagine,… »10/17/11 12:15pm10/17/11 12:15pm