Why Do Players Choke? Oddly Enough, Because They Hate Losing.

The New Yorker poached science writer Jonah Lehrer from Wired, and what do you know? His second piece is sports, and it is timely. Lehrer seeks to explain the plague of every duffer and NBA superstar since the beginning of time: Why do we choke? Why do we freeze up under pressure? Why do things that comes so naturally… »6/06/12 1:50pm6/06/12 1:50pm

J.R. Smith's Sister Choked A Woman During A Brawl In China Involving The Same Team That Beat Up Georgetown

Former Nuggets guard J.R. Smith is currently playing in China for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls, having been unable to escape his Chinese Basketball Association contract when the NBA lockout ended. Zhejiang faced the Bayi Rockets (you remember them as the Chinese military team who brawled with Georgetown) last night and… »1/11/12 10:43pm1/11/12 10:43pm